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Hair Dryer: A Time-Tested Heating and Styling Tool

A hair dryer is a common household and salon appliance used to dry and style hair. It has gone from the classic, with its simple hot air mechanism, to the modern, with its variables of heat and airflow settings. You will find models that cater to all types of hair known to humans: fine to thick, straight to curly. It is also no longer unusual for males to have this tool in their grooming arsenal. Because of these developments, you will find that the marketplace has expanded, too. There are options specifically for men, natural hair, fine hair, traveling, and salon / professional, among others. You can also choose from bonnet, hooded, standing, movable, and even wall-mounted blow dryers. If you are investing in this power machine, it is inevitable to learn about nozzles: concentrators, diffusers, and picks. You should also consider styling tool holders for your bathroom, dresser, or salon.

A Power Machine for People On the Go

Nowadays, being presentable is not just reserved for socials or royalty. From millennials to boomers, many are understanding the value of looking good every day. A focus on good hairstyle can get you far. Fortunately, getting a salon-gorgeous hair at home no longer has to be time-consuming and expensive. With the range of available of blow dryers on the market, you can find a unit that matches your needs and preferences. There are compact and professional-grade types that vary in weight, wattage, and performance. But both are known to dry hair faster and enable precise styling through attachments. These are ideal for daily use, traveling, and even house calls if you are an independent stylist. If you work in a salon, there are heavy-duty models that cater to your category. Some are powerful yet lightweight and portable, so your hands do not tire from drying and styling many clients in one go.

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Things to Know Before You Buy

There are many starting points when it comes to things you must consider before buying a hair dryer. We will give you the most important factors, those that can affect your satisfaction once you start using the product. Functionality comes first. Look for models that offer not only high wattage but also efficient use of electricity. When reading reviews, you must spot keywords like “warms up fast”, “hot enough”, and “faster drying time” in reference to one product. Heat and airflow settings differ in number, but you must at least get two heat and two speed settings. Ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic are top technologies to desire. But they add to the cost. Make sure the techs are topnotch so you do not suffer from buyer’s regret. These can be found in most drugstore or high-end brands. To help you, we have scoured online shops to find the best deals for home and salon users alike.

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