Top Mini and 12V Hair Dryer Models on the Market 2017

In this post, we review the top mini and 12V hair dryer models on the market.

Why A 12V Hair Dryer?

While we love to wield a full-size 1600-watt blower at home, it is not every day that we get to do it. Sometimes, we sleep in and lose precious minutes that we would otherwise spend drying and styling our tresses. It is only human to run late. And then, as if we are seeing Murphy's Law in action, we get in the car and see nothing. The windows are fogged! And it is already a really frosty morning to begin with. Fret not. These times call for an emergency backup tool. And yes, you are thinking of the correct tool.

The 12V hair dryer is made for such events. It is your contingency device when you need to dry your hair in the car, while beating the traffic and time. It is your contingency device when the ice scraper takes time and energy to defrost your car windows. It is your travel companion when you go to a place where there is no electricity hookup. If you are convinced of its use, read on and check out its other uses and purposes. In this post, we review 7 of the top mini and hair dryer models on the market. We will help you pick the one that best caters to your needs, preferences, and situation.

Finally, this alternative to a 12V hair dryer tops our list. It is a great grooming tool for both men and women, young and old. This Andis micro turbo power machine dries hair fast. It is ideal for international travel because 1) it is super compact and 2) it sports a dual voltage feature. And as much as possible, we all need to bring a trusty, lightweight travel blow dryer to places. It takes up very little space in our suitcase. And it is easy to manage once we hook it up somewhere in Europe. We particularly love how the high setting heats up quickly, reaches a steady airflow, and maintains that moderate heat that does not burn our scalp.

This Andis blower boasts two heat and air settings. You can easily switch to a mode you prefer to customize drying. Compared to regular models, this one runs quietly. The result exceeds expectations, too. It happens in pronto: the shinier, fuller hair is revealed. Aside from humans, this tiny gizmo is also perfect for grooming pets such as dogs and cats. You don't really want your kitty or puppy to look miserable, right? We recommend that you use this for your pet because it has tolerable heat. You can rely on this one to deliver on its promise. Buy two for yourself and your animal now. You cannot go wrong with that price tag. You will be reaping the rewards soon enough.

Not everybody has the chance to dry their hair inside the house. For those times you are running late, stock this 12V hair dryer by EZ Travel Collection in your car. It does fit well inside your glove compartment and handbag. It is designed to be carried around, so you can take it wherever you go. We appreciate how a tiny machine can be the answer to our most urgent needs. This is ideal for fixing your 'do before running to your business meeting. If you are stuck in a morning traffic jam, you read our mind. Yes, you can spend the time drying your hair in the car! We like that as women, we have these backup devices to keep ourselves looking good and presentable.

But there is more to explore with this 12V hair dryer. For those living in areas where winter can be a hindrance to driving, this EZ Travel Collection blow dryer can save the day. Use it to defrost car windows. In just a minute, you will have the glasses cleared of the mist. This unit sports an 81-inch long cord, so you can power it up and move it around the vehicle with ease. As believers in having a contingency plan, we own a 12V blower for those times we are running late AND dealing with the not-so-good side of winter. We urge you to think about having a backup dryer, too. This one comes at a low price.

Now, the case may be that there are no electrical hookups where you're going. You may be out camping or on a road trip. Or it may be that you live in a caravan, motorhome, of boat. If you are the type who cannot live with a blow dryer, you have a choice. This tiny unit from Boyz Toys is unlike the typical 12V hair dryer. It is kid-friendly, appropriate for ages 5 and up. It is compatible with your car power's outlet and a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. This buddy is handy in those long trips where the road stretches for hours on end. Kids on the passenger seat can try this on their own. Speaking of kids, they can also use this to dry their art projects and such in school.

The 12V lightweight travel hair dryer from Boyz Toys is useful in the outdoors. You can enjoy drying after swimming in a beach or lake. Choose between two heat and speed settings to get the best of your experience. It is easy to use and functional. It also does not hurt your hand after long use. Aside from drying your locks, you can wield this to beat the mist during the cold season. If you need to blow away the mist in your car or van, this is your guy. Even if it is small, it can do the job in just a minute or two. Make this a companion to your built-in defroster.

Another alternative to a 12V hair dryer is this compact Conair babe. While it requires a lot of juice to run, its drying power takes about 10 minutes to produce results. With a 12V device, drying might take forever (okay, an hour, at the least?). And you accomplish very little after spending too much time and energy. With the Conair Vagabond, you get a turbo-like performance from a little machine. You will be sashaying down the streets of a new country or city in no time. Of course, with a perfectly-styled tresses to boot. If you are flying off to Europe, you would also love the dual voltage feature that comes with this tyke. It's got the stuff that makes your vacay convenient and relaxing.

Simple functions such as the two heat and speed settings make the Conair Vagabond more appealing. With a handle that folds up, it is also storage-friendly. This is ideal not only for trips but also for everyday events. If you need to be presentable in a snap, it got you covered. But take note that it cannot run on high mode when plugged to a 125-volt outlet. Still, we think this is strong enough to dry difficult hair sizes and lengths. There are no accessories included in the package, very basic. Conair is your brand when you are on a tight budget but need a product that lasts for some time. And with this blow dryer, you get value for the money. Its blue and black color options both look pretty, too.

Here is a 12V hair dryer to rave about. This little thing from SanSiDo is a delightful device. It is perfect for drying short hair in the car. This is a godsend for people who tend to run late, want additional minutes in bed, or get wet in the rain accidentally. You can take this travel gizmo to campings and road trips. You can rely on it if you live in a tiny home such as a caravan, motorhome, or boat. We rave about its functionality in the vehicle. But we have to go through a learning curve to understand how we can maximize this model's potential. Now, we always switch it up to stage 2, where you can get enough heat to dry short hair.

It is also worth noting that this SanSiDo blow dryer is multifunctional. It is great for drying and styling hair, for sure. But we also recommend it as a backup tool which you leave in the car. Take it out to dry your hair during traffic, when in a hurry that you forgot you have a bigger, more powerful machine in the house. It is also great for wiping fogged windows, producing faster results than the typical ice scraper. Any 12V power socket, in the car or portable, is compatible with this device. We love the folding handle for easy storage and the black design for that aesthetic satisfaction. This babe is pretty affordable, yet it does not scrimp on quality.

The RoadPro 12V hair dryer means business. It has 180 watts and 15 amp draw to begin with. It plugs directly into your lighter or power socket. Just make sure your vehicle has a power port with a 15 amp circuit minimum. Dry your hair inside the car. If you are out camping, you can also bring the blower outside. It sports an 8-foot power cord to serve you in such instances. This is great to have in music festivals, motorhomes, boats, and caravans. It brings you the comfort of home as you live on the go. The folding handle and hang loop enable easy storage. This tool is also useful for defrosting vehicle windows during frigid mornings.

CE certified and UL listed, the Road Pro 12V hair dryer works like a champ. It is not only for ice but also for humidity. It can blow the moisture off optics. You can also be more innovative about this machine. Connect it to your air duct and use it to warm the inside of your car. For jobs that require heat or warmth, it can stand in as a source if you need room temp or something warmer. For instance, leatherwork makes use of dye that needs to be applied at a warmer temp. Do not expect it to blast air as much as your full-sized blower. But it does the job it is meant to do. You can also enjoy buying this for very affordable price tag.

First of the 12V hair dryer models that made our list, this Prime Products unit does what it has set out to do. It dries short hair, and can be used in the car and outdoor travels. If you were not a fan before, consider this product. It can very well be your emergency backup unit. Though it is not expected to match the power or a full-sized 1600-watt dryer, it still delivers on its promise. It is your trusted companion when you need to dry your hair in the car, minivan, RV, truck, motorhome, or boat. It is useful for when you are running late or got your hair wet in the rain. For its price, this tool has a lot of functions that bigger blowers cannot accomplish.

The Prime Products 12V blow dryer goes beyond hair drying. It is also perfect for defrosting your car windows during winter. You get to use it for other purposes, and you only pay tens of bucks to own one. It is durable and easy to use. It also looks nice for a blower, complementing its compact design. Packed in this tiny shell, however, is the ability to accomplish things for people on the go. We can think of how we can have a solution in a snap by having this device as backup in the car. The 12V hair dryer is important in other types of work as well. If you participate in such and need a reliable model, then you can check out this one and see if it matches your needs.


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