Choosing Blow Dryer Attachments That Work Like A Charm

Not all blow dryer attachments are created equal, so we took a closer at the main ones to understand how they can cater to our hair's needs.

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The Anatomy of A Hair Dryer

Not all blow dryer attachments are created equal. Though all enhance the final result, they each take on a different role. It is easy to tell a concentrator from a diffuser, and just by looking you can guess what either item does. Now, it is not enough to tell them apart. You have to understand what they do. As sometimes the hair dryer does not include attachments in its package, you'll have to shop them yourself. And sometimes still, the model requires attachments made by the same brand, even though universal attachments also exist and might work. We know: it can get confusing.

In this blog, we will discuss the three main blow dryer attachments that you have likely encountered. These are the concentrator nozzle, diffuser, and hair dryer stands. These are considered hair dryer parts, not just accessories. Though, because of their nature (separate from the heating tool itself), they can also be thought of as such. If you ever find yourself in need of one or two or three, collecting information before you buy is the smart thing to do. So join us in our short discussion of the three -- what they are and how they enhance the results you get from your blower.

Concentrator Nozzle Vs Diffuser?

For those who are encountering these two stars of the show, you should know that each fulfills a different role. Pitting them against each other does not make sense. Sure, you can buy a BaBylissPRO with a nozzle but you may get a universal diffuser at Walmart. That does not mean you need one and not the other. It depends on your needs, and sometimes hair texture, really. So, let's take a look at the concentrator nozzle first. As the name suggests, the concentrator is about concentrated airflow. It has a rounded end that connects to the hair dryer nozzle. Then it flattens out on the other end until it forms a tiny slit, through which the airflow passes. It allows you to focus on one hair section without messing up the others. Using a round brush, direct the concentrator nozzle to a section, moving from root to tip. This will fix frizz and straighten out flyaways.

Diffuser -- can be a universal diffuser -- is about spreading the airflow out. It is the opposite of a concentrator nozzle in a way. Shaped like a dome, it evenly distributes air over a portion of your head. Its gentle air-spreading technique allows for faster drying out of strands without turning them frizzy. It is ideal if you have waves, curls, or coils. Working from the bottom upward is how this attachment works. Among the blow dryer attachments, this is our favorite. Belonging to team natural means we need this more than the other hair dryer parts. If the diffuser does not come in a box, you can buy a universal diffuser that can fit any type. Still, make sure your blower and the attachment are compatible. Sometimes, the best results come from the combined forces of finger and diffuser. Use your fingers to life strands, pulling them from their roots. Then push them toward the diffuser to dry and style.

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Pick and Other Loves

Among blow dryer attachments, the pick is somewhat familiar yet confusing. Is it a concentrator that has a comb sticking out on the other end? Is it a diffuser that has a comb sticking out on the other end? Yes to both. It can be shaped as either on one end and as a comb on the other. The comb's teeth gives your tresses volume. Like a regular hair pick, it also gives your hair a bounce. A slight lifting motion while the heat is on can make a difference on your hair structure. There is a comb dedicated for either short (short comb-like teeth) or long hair (longer prongs). It is perfect for boosting thin, fine hair. However, it is not always ready to style curly hair. Sold out separately, the pick can be as cheap as four bucks. You can also choose from the flat or jaw type.

There are more blow dryer attachments to love, though these typically belong to the pro's territory. On ordinary days, you are good with the main three. But if you are off to a party, you might want to consider these styler attachments: a boar bristle brush (for making your thick hair look shiny); a fine-tooth styling pick (for smoothing your hair); and a wide-tooth styling pick (for dealing with those pesky tangles). These can come as blow dryer parts, such as in some Andis models. There are very specific attachments, too. Popular drugstore and fancy brands sell them separately. The straightener attachment is an example. Obviously, its function is to straighten your locks. And then there is the nozzle adapter, which lets you insert several blow dryer attachments to your hair dryer. How cool is that? The straightener and the adapter are both affordable, and will not break the bank.

Before You Buy

Now that you are familiar with the different type of hair dryer attachments, it is time to wrap up your research phase. Determine the ones that you will need on a daily or regular basis. Also, your hair texture shall be considered. Remember that the diffuser is ideal for thick and curly hair. Also remember that the concentrator and diffuser are somewhat opposite of the other. Thus, comparing them would be like comparing oranges and apples. A concentrator directs airflow through a tiny, flat slit on its edge facing your hair. A diffuser gently distributes air to a targeted hair section.

Other hair dryer attachments are the pick and straightener. There are also the styler tools: a boar bristle brush, a fine-tooth styling pick, and a wide-tooth styling pick. To cap off, there is also the nozzle adapter to accommodate all types of attachments. Do you have a list of which blow dryer attachments to buy? Consider a blow dryer that contains one or two of these items. If you are a flexible type, probably sporting a straight hair that you love to style, then go for the nozzle adapter. By the way, if you need a hair dryer holder, check out our reviews. If you want to know more information on hair products and tools, read the other articles found on this blog.