TLC: What to Look For in a Blow Dryer for Black Hair

As a requirement for everyday use, the blow dryer for black hair should be chosen based on its effects on your curls or coils.

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What You Need To Know

African-American hair is prone to breakage. Frizz, tangles, and lackluster strands are the usual suspects when it comes to curly hair problems. Natural hair needs tender loving care to be able grow long and healthy. Frizz and tangles should at least be resolved by the use of a super quiet hair dryer. So drying, as well as styling, should be included in the daily maintenance of Type 3 and 4 hair (curly and coily, respectively). When shopping for styling tools such as hair dryer and straightener, it is then important to know which features are favorable for natural hair.

Look for a blow dryer for black hair that boasts tourmaline and ceramic heating elements. These make use of far-infrared and ionic technologies which both seal moisture in the cuticles, leaving the mane silky and smooth. Two heat and speed settings work. You will need low to medium, not high, heat to avoid damage. Find a machine with a cool-shot button. You will need cold air to close down the cuticle layer that hot air opened up. If there is one attachment you should have, it is the concentrator nozzle. It directs airflow to a particular section, preventing other sections from getting messed up and the strands from getting entangled with each other.

Back to Basics

When shopping for a blow dryer, black hair has pretty sensitive requirements. Still, it falls under general rules of thumb. Knowing your hair texture is a good starting point. Both Type 3 and 4 have subcategories, e.g. Type 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, and so on. Overall, Type 4 locks have no definite shape. They can also be thick and unruly. In general, Type 3 manes have recognizable shapes such as the S-shape. They can be prone to frizz and tangling. Having this knowledge, you can proceed to the next step. Think about your hair dryer usage. Do you need a blow dryer for your black hair's daily maintenance or only for occasional styling? Chances are, you will have to develop it as an an everyday habit. When you're at home, your hair won't stop being fragile and dry and damage-prone. It's a fact you have to get accustomed with.

This is where it gets interesting. You will begin to ask which model is best for you. Investing in a professional-grade can be justified by the frequency of use. Still, are there just-as-good or even better alternatives? But do take note that cheaper options do not necessarily translate to better alternatives. Consider the quality as some low-cost brands may not be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. Wattage, advanced features such as the ionic and far-infrared techs mentioned above, and speed/air settings are worth looking into. The manufacturer's warranty also holds water. In fact, its terms and length can give you a bit of insight. Compare a brand that wants to serve you with a lifetime warranty with one that offers it only for a month. One of them is confident about the quality and value of their product; that it will not last only for a month.

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Comparing Models

Ergonomic, lightweight, at least 1800 watts. These are a few more features to check for when buying a blow dryer for natural hair. Ergonomic and lightweight typically work for experts. They work at a salon almost every day. Their hands will get tired if the professional-grade machine is as heavy as a cinder block. If you are getting a salon hair dryer for your home, also consider the design and weight. If you want a traveler version, compact and portable are the buzzwords to watch out for. Meanwhile, the following are the non-negotiables: at least 1800 watts for fast drying and the ionic technology that enhances drying time. Quick and efficient drying time equals less exposure to heat, decreasing the risk of heat damage. A quiet motor is also more preferable than a loud one. Read the details of the multiple heat and speed settings (usually found in pricier products) and the standard dual heat and speed settings (usually budget models).

Have a working knowledge of the different price points. High-end models can cost up to hundreds of dollars. CHI and T3 belong in this category. Drugstore dryers such as Conair and Revlon have low-cost products selling for much less. In between are the brands that cost inz BaByliss is an example of the latter. The attachments are the last of your worries. The two most important are the concentrator nozzle and the diffuser. You will need the diffuser more if you are going to use the blow dryer for black hair every day. Not all brands are created equal. Keep reading reviews about the best blow dryer for black hair candidates. Where to buy one? Amazon offers a lot of items under this category, typically with a discount. More bargains can be found on online stores, as well as brick-and-mortar retailers such as Walmart.

Our Verdict

Natural hair is one of the high-maintenance hair textures. Continuous tender loving care is needed to achieve changes: from frizzy and tangled to soft and lustrous. Drying, as well as styling, has the capacity to de-frizz and untangle your strands. Though it should not be overdone, especially with professional-grade products. You now know which features should make it to the unit in order to convince you that this or that hair dryer is the one. These include the wattage, heat and speed settings, and the manufacturer's warranty. Matching the hair texture to a model is also a must.

You have also learned how to compare costs, features, and other nuances. Some brands were given even as an example for a certain price point. With these in mind, you are ready to embark on this quest to find the best blow dryer for black hair. Remember that your natural hair is fragile and prone to damage. These should be considered when choosing a powerful, lightweight, and reasonably-prices model. For more information on hair drying, natural hair, and the salon hair dryers that give them shine and smoothness, check out the other articles on this site.