Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair 2017

Read the latest on blow dryers for natural hair from our quick guide to doing research, buying, and using the product.

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Straight to the Facts

We are fortunate to live in these times. Type 4 hair now turns heads, collects hearts on Instagram, and has inspired many a trendy styles. We have access to some of the best tools to maintain and even reinvent how our curls look. From shampoos and conditioners to brushes and combs, we will find something specific to our locks. It's a good thing, right? Of course. But plenty of options can also be confusing. If you are building your arsenal or decluttering it, you simply have to start somewhere. One item at a time, please. First on our list: dryers.

Few styles beat natural hair that is nourished and well-kept. You have to consider the differences between blow dryers, as natural hair has unique needs that a generic unit cannot meet. Next, you should invest according to your purpose. Are you a salon professional? You will need a model, or more, that is built to last, powerful and fast, and from a trusted brand. Do you need a travel hair dryer? A beauty store brand will do, but at least lean toward the reliable and proven effective model. Then know the functions -- heat, air, cool shot -- and the attachments that come with it. We'll discuss how to do that in a bit.

Things Curls Can't Live Without

There are the basic necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, and mousse. Just below that category, we highly suggest putting styling tools. Blow dryers for natural hair belong here. In choosing one, ask yourself if you'll need a heavy-duty (heavier, more expensive) or a compact (travel-ready, more affordable) model. Then consider several factors. One, the status of your locks. Dry and damaged? Go for ionic. Two, styling habit. If you alternate between straightening and keeping your curls, get a high-powered one. Straightening needs both air and heat set to high. Maintaining curls needs high heat but lower air. Third, your time. It is true that a fully-functional blow dryer for natural hair can shave drying time by a third to half. If you have to look your best in the least amount of time, consider 1600 watts up. Though the likes of Revlon, Conair, and Andis also produce 1200-watt ones. These are usually smaller and lightweight models.

We mentioned ionic hair dryers earlier. Ionic technology is about locking the moisture in the cuticles. It also prevents damage by beating the positive ions that cause the strands to go static. In short, thanks to this system, your hair doesn't get scorched under the power of a hot blower. You get hydrated, glossy hair instead. Say bye to frizz and say hello to shinier, healthier-looking than before. Other techs to look for: tourmaline and ceramic. They enhance ionic activities to produce more convincing results. Read: Instagrammable hairstyle like Nathalie Emmanuel's. Various blow dryers for natural hair have a combination of two or all of these three. Some throw in a cool-shot button. This feature allows your hairstyle to set so you can look fab all day. We'll take a dryer that has one any day. This pretty much rounds up the essential features that you will find in a trusty model.

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Necessary Attachments

Pick one that includes nozzle attachments. Aside from getting a good deal for a toolkit, you directly benefit from having these on hand. First is the concentrator nozzle. This is a smaller vent that you attach to the main dryer. As its name suggests, it allows the airflow to target a section of the hair. This prevents you heat from blowing too close to the shaft, which can be damaging. When using, always point downward and away from the hair. In fact, it is a no-no to let the tip of the blower touch your mane. Okay, moving on to the diffuser nozzle. This dome-like attachment produces gentle air. This enables curls to maintain their, well, curliness. You will want this for your fab hair, keeping the bonds in place while drying just as regularly fast as no-diffuser. It is way better than the scrunch-and-air-dry method because it leaves springy waves and curls at its wake.

Beyond attachments, there are built-in features to look for before you check out. The dual voltage feature is one such hit. It is loved by international travelers because it lets you switch compatibility from American to European wiring in a snitch. Plus points if it is suitcase-friendly. Compact, lightweight, portable -- look for these descriptors, too, if you can't imagine a vacation without blow dryers for natural hair. Also, long cord or short cord? We say, it depends. In a salon, longer ones allow for flexibility in the stylist's movements. At home, it also gives you the same advantage. Although a shorter one can always be plugged into an extension power cord. Lastly, do you go for the cheap or the expensive model? Actually, the choices aren't always that extreme. Find one that ticks off your target functionality, durability, and price. That's the winning combination that we want you to aim for.


Again, here are things the best blow dryers for natural hair have in common. Do they have to be heavy-duty or lightweight to begin with? It is up to you. Your purpose determines this part. Where you will use it will provide the most helpful hint. It is either work or home for most people. Then check out the most important features. These include the air and heat settings, ionic technology, cool-shot button, and tourmaline and low emf hair dyers . You now know what they're for. All of these work together to enhance your hair, providing the nourishment it needs to stay fab all day.

Further, have a closer look at the other built-in features and the attachments. Weight, cord length, power outlet compatibility, and price are such considerations. Finally, remember that your mane is a crowning glory. Don your natural hair with pride. With this mindset, taking maintenance steps will follow naturally. And when you look for tools, it is important that you take your time. Be smart about your choices. Otherwise, you will have no one to blame in the end. Sure, you can still run after the manufacturer, but the damage has been done. To end with a happy note, we want to remind you to be yourself, whatever your hairstyle is. Go rock that afro.