From Vintage to Modern: 7 Versatile Bonnet Hair Dryers

Which type are you: vintage or modern? Your choice among these bonnet hair dryers will depend on your answer here.

Quest for the Best

Let's admit it. We are the type of girls who get fascinated with Hollywood superstars' hairstyles. As in we notice and ask how did that 'do happen. We want to know for sure. But no matter how long we stare at a celebrity's perfect hair blowout, our reality is kind of different. Meaning, we won't be caught spending a hefty sum just to have the most fantastic hair. So, we do what we can do. How to achieve those glamorous hairstyles is no secret. We can steal the drying techniques, from the yesteryears to present, from vintage to modern.

Bonnet hair dryers. These have been the most important tools in the arsenal of a woman donning ethnic hair, or a lady carrying thin, sensitive, straight hair. Why don't you take a closer look at our list. We try to pin down the best bonnet hair dryer, but we know this is a difficult task. Sometimes, it also boils down to the customer's preferences, too. Do you want the soft cap or hard hat? What specs do you want to find in it for you to call it the best bonnet hair dryer? Together, let us figure things out. Read our reviews to get a feel of the options on the market.

This frizz-buster is a table model that employs ionic technology to retain moisture. Also expect less breakage, which is a sign of healthy hair. Your tresses will have a shine even prior to the putting on of products. If you wish to turn the ionic switch off, you have the choice. There is also a light indicator to show you the on/off status. The airflow system is the best. This Laila Ali bonnet hair dryer evenly distributes heat over our head. The holes are located in a way that they lets the air circulate from the crown to the sides. You won't have to shift to awkward and tiring positions to get better coverage. Most importantly, its low, medium, and hot settings are on point. The hot mode is not too hot it is already baking your ears.

This purple-and-black ensemble sports a large round hood that can accommodate your jumbo flexi rods. Your comfort is a priority with this one. Long and thick, short and curly -- no style is too hard for this Laila Ali hood dryer. It even shaves your drying time. The collapsible design is a nice touch. Store this easily, at home or for a trip. It is impressively lightweight for its kind. On-call professional hairstylists, this is perfect for you. Salon experts, take note. DIYers, too. Doing deep conditioning at home? Revitalize your roots. Have an alone time while you are waiting under the hood for the nutrients to set. Relax and allow the best bonnet hair dryer ever to do its job.

Transform your blow dryer's airflow into a spa treatment. Hot Tools brings you a tourmaline and ionic salon hair dryer that does this conversion well. Its technology slashes drying time by half. How does it work? Tourmaline nano particles are your natural generators of penetrating far-infrared energy. The cortex or interior is dried while the cuticle or exterior does not suffer from the heat. Otherwise, the strands will go brittle and crack. But with the tourmaline tricks, the hair maintains its shine and softness. They also help get rid of smells and impurities. Alongside the direct ion technology works like a pro, allowing moisture to break down into droplets that the cuticle can absorb. The negative ions, present in most bonnet hair dryers, save the day.

Salon-quality hair is possible with the caring touch of this Hot Tools dryer. Our friends with curly and wavy locks think this is the best bonnet hair dryer on the market. We cannot deny them their opinion, especially if it is based on experience. They have a first-hand encounter of how this machine performs. And it works like a charm on those natural ringlets. It does away with the frizz, which is a total bummer whatever your hair type is. This portable dryer is a godsend. Its price is a worthy investment, not just for looking good but also for having truly healthy hair. No problem if you live in a small space, too. The legs can be removed in a snap.

From Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga, Hollywood will not run out of inspiration for glamorous 'dos. But you may have more in common with these two goddesses. It is your hair drying technique. Bonnet hair dryers are or were their thing, too. And no, this is way less expensive than having a blowout. You can even do it at home with a trusty, and hopefully the best, bonnet dryer on the market. Consider this Hair Flair SoftHood model. A hair dryer attachment, it boasts 120 ventilation holes that allow for faster and more even heat distribution. Its 100-cm flexible hose is ideal for multitasking. The large hood can accommodate Curlformers, rollers, and Velcros. A unique, adjustable chin strap and side-fitting drawstring keeps the Softhood in place.

The Hair Flair SoftHood patented hose collar is non-slip and made of silicone. It can attach to blow dryer nozzles that are up to 2.25 inches. We love bonnet hair dryers that are functional like this one. It heats up fast enough to choose their over air drying any day. This is a super time saver, especially for the curly-haired folks. You might feel a little goofy, but the result is going to amaze you. This bonnet blow dryer attachment is ideal for use with conditioning treatments. More so, you will be drawn to this product because of its insane price. It is such a steal, right? SoftHood is hand washable, by the way, so maintenance is a breeze.

We know Andis for its reliable hair dryers. So we are not strangers to its quality work. This is why we are pleased to include this model in our list of bonnet hair dryers. The signature ionic technology is present in this handiwork. Beat frizz and damage with negative ions. Cut the drying time down. And customize your styling with the two heat and speed settings. You will love its low heat feature. Go all-around dry or let your curls set in with this trusty companion. It is not a slacker on the job, for sure. It is large enough to fit those huge magnetic rollers, some of the biggest around. Its adjustable elastic component can be adjusted to suit smaller heads.

If you are on the lookout for the best bonnet hair dryer, Andis is a definite contender. You would want something that lets you relax or multitask while you wait for your tresses to dry. Or while you wait for the deep conditioning to set in. Buying this large, durable bonnet hair dryer does not break the bank. In return, you get a dependable machine at home. It is lightweight, portable, and storage-friendly. Traveling with this item is a hassle-free prospect, even it is just traveling from your bathroom to living room. Yeah, you can stay at home and go for a spa treatment under this heating cap. Indulge yourself from time to time. It is going to be worth every penny.

Conair is also a trusted name when it comes to soft bonnet hair dryers. There is a lot to expect from this brand because of its reliable and affordable blow dryers. With this product, there are a few elements that stand out. First, the vent brush attachment that helps in styling and volumizing. Second, the four heat and speed settings that allow you to customize your drying experience. Third, the extra-long hose, four-foot long, with an Easy Lock feature. And fourth, the extra-large bonnet that fits jumbo rollers. This gizmo is gentle on your hair yet it packs a punch. Its collapsible design is easy to manage. Just remember to Pull, Lock, & Release.

If you are looking for the best bonnet hair dryer with an attractive price, Conair is your guy. These days, there are not many manufacturers who create the traditional bonnet hair dryer attachment. The fact that Conair still does enables it to earn our respect. And it creates them with such regard for the users' time. Its motor is quieter compared to similar models. Excellence and convenience mark this product. This dandy thing heats up fast and just enough not to singe your strands. By getting this, you are also saving money, time, and effort. If you are feeling it, just drive the kids and hubby away and spend time alone with a spa treatment. You will be able to get so much more than what you paid for.

This sleek Laila Ali soft bonnet dryer is a darling. You know it is bound to be considered as the best bonnet hair dryer. This is true especially for individuals sporting natural hair. It is a godsend as it infuses the airflow with ions that dry up the hair quickly. These ions also have a conditioning function, leaving your hair shiny and smoother. They ensure that your hair is healthy. If you love roller sets and braids, this is the product for you. It is also useful in processing chemical and conditioning treatments. We love the soft bonnet dryer attachment for its large capacity. It is handy during those times we want loose curls and waves. It easily fits the jumbo rollers and allows the style to really set.

This Laila Ali model is popular among bonnet hair dryers. It is a plus for vintage style lovers because of its traditional make. At the same time, the attachment lets you work on other things while waiting for your session to finish. It boasts a powerful motor that does not produce extra heat. That is good especially if you do not want to feel like frying your neurons. No uncomfortable hotspots, too, which can make you feel your scalp is burning. It is an exceptional bonnet dryer for the money. At the beginning, setup just happens in seconds. Achieve salon-gorgeous locks in no time. Well, the process does take at least half an hour to allow the good effects to set in.

Our list of the best bonnet hair dryers, and any list for that matter, must contain one or two products that sport a sleek design. The Conair Pro Styler bonnet hair dryer is one such product. This off-white beast of a machine enables you to style your hair at home, like a boss. It has variable airflow settings that allow for maximum styling. Should you want loose curls, the extra-large hood can accommodate a set of jumbo rollers to make this happen. The height of the unit can be adjusted, for a customized experience. Beyond and beneath the hood, this thing exemplifies functionality. Combined with form, this makes for a reliable companion when you want to look your best.

We love how the Conair Pro Styler is so portable. It is easy to move around in the salon or at home. Also, we are ready to give it the best bonnet hair dryer distinction. With two heat and two speed settings, it is a very functional tool. It gets hot but just enough to save you time. It does not inconvenience you by burning your scalp or damaging your hair. At a reasonable price, this sleek device brings your dreams of having celebrity-like looks into reality -- from time to time. If you purchase this for home use, you can also cut down on your trips to the salon and spa. Have your own chemical treatments such as deep conditioning at home. Make sure to follow instructions from the bonnet blow dryer's manual for better usage.


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