Quest To Find The Best Dual Voltage Blow Dryers of 2017

Find the best of the best dual voltage blow dryers, exclusively for 2017, in our most recent top-7 review.

Hottest Info about Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Models

Foreign travels are much more fun when you don an updo that is worthy of Snapchat or Instagram. This is why many women, and also men, prefer to bring their own dual voltage hair dryer during trips. The gizmo is a trusty companion that can revert a messy situation. Say goodbye to bad hair days with the best dual voltage hair dryer. Not only will it help you dry and style your mane in a snap. It will also let you plug this thing into any outlet, without causing fire or breaking the blowing machine. Rejoice if this is your first time to hear about the dual voltage function.

But before you purchase a unit, make sure you understand how it works. Always monitor the setting before plugging the device into the socket. Dual travel blow dryers usually sport a manual switch for 110-120V and 220-240V. Some will operate on the 220V while maintaining their capacity to work on high temperature. Others will run on lower temps at 220V. Given this condition, you can opt for a powerful hair dryer with dual voltage function to ensure you fast drying and fantastic styling time. To make your quest easier, we rounded up the products that fit these requirements. Get to know our top picks for 2017.

This sleek styling tool and hair dryer works whether you are in Venice or Virginia. Just toggle the designated button to the correct voltage: 110-120V or 220-240V. Take note that in Europe, you will be able to use one speed and temperature setting. The Conair Infiniti Pro will operate on low air and hot setting. This is typical of dual voltage hair dryers, not a case specific to Infiniti Pro. Moving on to other main features, this machine boasts a salon performance AC motor. This shaves drying time by up to 50 percent. It's ideal for travel as well as daily use. This powerful tool is compact you can fit it easily in your suitcase. It is a little heavier for its size but it portable nonetheless.

Add the enhancements brought about by ceramic and ionic technologies to this gizmo. The infrared heat produced by ceramic is harmless on your strands, leaving them damage-free. The negative ions released counteract the static effect of positive ions on your hair. As a result, you get a boost in hair shine and smoothness. So whether you are soaking up the sun in an island somewhere or beating the cold in a winter wonderland, your mane does not get fried or frizzy. Lock in your curls and waves with its cool-shot feature. No need to pay extra for a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser, too. Conair's Infiniti Pro comes in eye-catching purple. And you can have it for a low, low price! It's a steal for the quality and value it provides.

Another Conair travel hair dryer with dual voltage function made this list. From the Travel Smart line, this 1875-watt power tool is a crowd favorite, judging by the five stars it is garnering from legitimate online buyers. Of course, the best part is that you can ditch the converter when you bring this one in your international jetsetting. The converter is built into this little machine. Unlike its rivals, it blows plenty of air even when you are abroad. It is a godsend for long-haired guys and gals. It turbo-dries the hair like a boss. Wherever you are, you can have dry and/or styled mane in a jiffy. There is a cool button, which you have to hold down, to let your desired style set in.

Conair is a brand known for creating affordable and decent dual voltage blow dryers. Yet, Travel Smart is more than decent. It lives up to its name. It is equipped with a folding handle, two speed and heat settings, and a dual voltage function, which has a designated button you have to flip using a coin. That means you cannot accidentally switch between 110V to 220V. You cannot also 'accidentally' break it by plugging it with the wrong setting. Smart Travel is designed for quick storage. Bring it to your next backpacking trip or keep one for everyday styling at home. Alternate usage or buy two for separate usage. And its price tag? Cheaper than the other choices out there that boast the same features.

Brookstone's ionic dual voltage travel hair dryer works well in 125V and 250V modes. All it takes is one flip of a switch. The device converts 125V to 250V in no time. It can run on both speed settings at 250V. The cool-shot button is also operable in said mode. If you want a versatile companion while you are traveling, this is your guy. It is suitcase-friendly, too. Just fold the thing and stash it in your bag. Packing 1875 watts, it is small but incredible in terms of drying power. You will see desirable results with regular use. It adds volume to your hair, improves luster, and reduces flyaway and frizzy hair. Having a healthy and strong mane is accessible, thanks to this blower.

This Brookstone-designed machine is one of the most reliable dual voltage blow dryers. It was voted the 'best travel hair dryer' by Claudia Fenner of ET Week. It is also the dual voltage travel hair dryer of choice by frequent flyers and cabin crew members. It boasts a built-in ionizer that destroys damaging positive ions from the water. This same technology de-frizzes even as it protects the strands from drying totally. Try it and see the difference between the effects of ionic and non-ionic. And for a heating product for this low price, it is durable and dependable. With proper handling, you can extend its life up to several years. And that is just the minimum that involves daily drying and styling. The exterior also looks nice.

A 1200-watt machine like Conair's Travel Smart is easily a potential candidate for the best dual voltage hair dryer award. It features a manual switch for immediate compatibility with European and such wiring. It has enough power to dry straight, fine, or thin hair. Like the charmer that it is, this product fits in your palm. It is a perfect companion in overseas trips. The manufacturer can squeeze in just as much features in a tiny shell like this. Yet, you will feel it does not lack anything functionality-wise. The barrel design allows for a stream of airflow that blows on your tresses without messing them up. Though it is built mainly for travel purposes, it almost reaches the level and speed of full-sized household dryers.

Expect that the Conair Travel Smart will produce a little noise when in use. But it is not the distracting kind. It is more of a white noise. Wimpy dual voltage blow dryers will take forever to dry long hair. Not this one. It is punchy for a pretty little machine. It is also a good alternative for the 12-volt hair dryers that RV residents resort to. In a tiny house with low-power source, this 1200-watt performs efficiently. It is great at defrosting pipes and refrigerators, as well as defogging windows. All this versatility and strength can be yours for a very cheap price. Considering all the things it can do for you, this might be the travel hair dryer dual voltage model you have been looking for.

There are three things that make BaBylissPRO Nano stand out among dual voltage blow dryers. First, it boasts a titanium component that speeds up the drying process like a pro. Second, it is not called Nano for nothing. It is compact, mini, small, and every other synonym you can think of. More importantly, it is lightweight and portable. Its handle is also foldable. Third, it is a true travel hair dryer with its dual voltage function and high velocity (air speed). It also produces an ion-generated shine so you are camera-ready with a salon-quality look, be it at home or abroad. It is also loved for its quiet runs and compatibility with shaver-only outlets. It is a total darling not only for women but also for men.

The BaBylissPRO Nano is excellent and effective for its size. Usually, a tiny blower will dry a mid-length hair forever. With this babe, the result shows up in minutes. At 1000 watts, it is a powerful little beast. But it still does not require much to deliver on its promise. It produces just the right kind of heat so as not to fry or singe your locks. Also, it runs on both of its speed and air settings whatever voltage you are currently on. You can purchase it with a diffuser, which blows gentle air so it won't mess up your hairstyle. Notice that its grip has a matte finish, an anti-slip feature. The unit also has a filter at the back for easy cleaning.

This classic and fashionable dual voltage travel dryer from Berta cannot be ignored. It has two air speed and heat settings, one of which works well while you are on 250V mode. Meanwhile, both settings are operable on 125V and 250V modes. The tourmaline ceramic technologies contained in this device are also worth the attention. If you know ceramic to be an effective material for wrapping the heating elements inside the dryer, understand that tourmaline is even more effective. By combining the power of these two, you get a strong performer out of a blower. It also fights frizz and brings out natural shine with its natural ionic output. A cool-shot button is included for easy styling. And speaking of easy, it is also a breeze to carry this around worldwide or in-house.

This Berta product is one of the dual voltage blow dryers with the lightest body. It is also as less noisy as it looks. But do not underestimate it. You can let your hair down, which is far from damp, after five minutes with this 1875-watt bad boy. It does the job well, even for fine hair. If you are sporting waves, curls, or coil, you have found your match in this unit. The size, the settings, the performance -- all of these do not disappoint. The price tag, a total bargain given the item quality, is just as pleasing to see. Its durability is impressive. Many travelers, who made the purchase online, have given it a rave review. So why not maximize everything this model has to offer?

Beginning this list with a BaByliss PRO dual voltage hair dryer. The dual voltage can be switched from 125V to 250V, and vice-versa, in a snitch. This is perfect for traveling, as Europe and other places have different wiring than the United States. No need to buy a converter in this case. Just bring your trusty adapter and you're ready to switch. On one hand, this 1000-watt tool ensures it will not trip the breaker in your guesthouse or hotel. On the other hand, it emits plenty of heat to cut down your drying time by at least a third. The tourmaline titanium component pretty much assists in the machine's quick warm-up. Fast drying time equals less exposure to heat damage. Your hair shines better, too, thanks to the tourmaline crystals.

Meanwhile, titanium works better than metal in heating the machine up. The unit's low setting still emits warm (instead of cool) air. The only con it has is its lack of a cool-shot button for precision styling. One thing to love about this gizmo is its tiny size. It takes up space as much as a soup can does. That makes for no-fuss storage in your suitcase or bathroom drawer. It has a foldable handle, too. BaByliss is a trusted brand among travelers and household users. It is popular in that sense. It is also very affordable. Buy this for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones or special someone. Traveler or not, they will surely find it functional and fun to use.


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