Top 7 Blow Dryer Holders of 2017 Reviews

Check out our list of the top 7 blow dryer holders on the market today.


For those who are looking to save space or take advantage of a vertical space in their home, practical storage solutions are always welcome. One such solution is the curling iron, hair straightener, and hair dryer holder. Aside from keeping your styling tools in one place, it also enables you to organize and declutter your bathroom or dresser. Some of these products are also guaranteed by experts as safe for kids and adults alike, as they prevent burns and fires. Many of these household items can also be used in salons and workspaces, as they are portable and lightweight.

If you are looking for the best of the best blow dryer holders, you have come to the right place. We compiled the top 7 storage solutions for your arsenal of hot tools. We offer you our list so you won't have to sift through the overwhelming array of options. These products can accommodate most types of hair dryers and other beauty accessories. And they come in elegant, attractive, and sleek designs to satisfy the most discriminating taste. Above all, they are ideal for those living in limited spaces, such as condos. Read on to get the 411 on the top 7 blow dryer holders on the market.

Found more space inside your bathroom's overhead cabinet? Here's a sleek chrome organizer that you can fit in there. MetroD??or's mDesign is a three-compartment basket that acts as a curling wand, flat iron, and hair dryer holder. Also make some room for combs, brushes, and other styling tools. This nifty solution comes with hooks with backing made of non-absorbent foam. Just hang it on your cabinet. No fear of leaving sticky traces on its surface. This is a perfect alternative to storing your gizmos in the drawer. It makes it easier for you to find what you need without having to dig through a tangle of cords. What we love about this holder is that we can place the devices on it vertically. Anything that makes pulling out a breeze is a winner in our book.

A user mentioned that the MetroD??or blow dryer holder can also be mounted on the bathroom wall. There are screw holes at the back for this purpose. The bars are also adjustable, while the basket is stable. You can try the mounting option if your cabinet isn't flat enough to accommodate the organizer. If it has inner linings and carvings, the hooks' backing won't stay put. Or the cabinet door won't close. The structure is ideal for minimizing clutter. And the system lets you keep track of the items in your styling arsenal. Made of steel with a chrome finish, this container of things is built to last. It's a good buy for your household, especially if the bathroom is shared among family members.

This space saver from Saloniture should be a mainstay not only in salons but also at home, in hotels, and anywhere styling tools are needed. It is a quick way to store all your main hair appliances in one place. The blow dryer holder sports a 2 3/4-inch (diameter) ring that fits different nozzles. It allows you to stow and retrieve your blower in a snap. It also features two tubes for flat or round iron. There is a side ring to accommodate an additional tool. This is perfect for tidying up your workspace or dresser top. This rack is made of high-grade steel so it doesn't give way easily to daily wear and tear. We love that how it is economical about space while at the same time conscious about blending in with contemporary tabletop designs.

The Saloniture straightening iron and hair dryer holder has three outlets, which means you do not have to take up wall outlets. This also works for those whose appliances have short cords. This organizer is portable, so it is a perfect companion for on-call hair and makeup artists. They can bring their workspace anywhere, and efficiently at that. And it is a godsend for neat freaks who do their own styling. Having all your tools in one place, connected to the power source in one go, is a great motivation to work on your looks and others'. Another fantastic thing about this product is that it has a steady base. It will not be easy to tip it over. It is such a steal for the price.

The simpler, the better. This seems to be the slogan for CRESNEL's blow dryer holder. Its modern metal design with a chrome finish won't only fit in any bathroom. Its minimal and straightforward quality enhances the aesthetic of the area. On the practical side, the 3.5-inch rim accommodates any type of hair dryer. Also, the stainless steel holder is rust-free. You won't have to worry about having to replace it anytime sooner. Though it does not have padding, you can rest assured that it won't be scratching the surface of your power tool. It protects your device all the way. It is sturdy -- its mounts hold up strong. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be able to screw it on the wall.

If installed on the drywall, it becomes accessible to you after showering without you having to negotiate a mess of cables. It certainly helps clear up the space that your dryer once took. Even models with attachments can fit into it. The CRESNEL premium-quality hairdryer holder works just the way you want it. It is a well-made product whose purpose is to please and satisfy you. Of course, it does carry the dryer with success, and it won't topple over after constant use. You can get one for a low, low price. If you have more than one dryer, you can buy according to your need without breaking the bank. We'd recommend it to anyone who loves simple but attractive bathroom decors and accessories.

This storage solution sports a certain rugged appeal. If you look closely, you will be able to see how Polder combined form and functionality in this unique unit. First, check out the sleek and innovative design created by the steel-and-plastic combo. Next, its stainless steel mesh allows for good airflow and the high-heat silicon inner base pad enables safe cooling of hot appliances. There is a rear bin reserved for keeping the cords neat and out of the way. We love how this style station works as a standalone unit that you can place on the tabletop or inside the drawer. At the same time, you can opt to hang it onto a towel rod or hook. You can also mount it on the wall to take advantage of vertical space.

The Polder style station is great as a hair straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer holder. It fits many types of heating tools. The Polder brand has been known for its upscale and elegant products throughout the years. This item is no different. It is a practical solution for those who live in limited spaces, such as condos. The steel-and-plastic design surprisingly blends with any room's aesthetic. It comes in black, white, and pink to accommodate a range of preferences. This premium-quality holder is totally affordable. You can purchase it for your home or your work, if you are a hairstylist who meets clients outside the salon. It is portable and customizable. Invest in one and keep your tabletop, cabinet, bathroom, or workspace clutter-free.

Keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized with this hanging rack organizer from MyLifeUNIT. It can be mounted on the wall to save space. Installation is pretty easy. With a high-quality aluminum frame, it can handle the weight of a hair dryer, toiletries, and beauty accessories. The oxidized polished design blends with elegant, simple, and modern style. Plus, this toiletries and blow dryer holder is rust-proof. The rim diameter for the swirl is 9 centimeters, so it can accommodate most hair dryer models. The rim and cylinder diameter of the two other containers is 7.5 centimeters. You can easily shoot combs, brushes, and mirrors into these. It does what it's set to do, is sturdy, and compiles your tools for faster access.

This MyLifeUNIT gizmo is ideal for the neat freaks who want to keep things organized and spaces clutter-free. It also saves the day when you live with someone of the opposite personality. The rack enables you to put your things in one place and at the same time, separate from the rest of stuff in your bathroom or bedroom. For a simple storage solution, this one is sturdy and durable. We love how its orientation can be reversed, so that the swirl is on the left side and the cups are on the right. This totally works for lefties! This is also fantastic for when you need the hair dryer holder side to be nearer the power source. This little hanging rack organizer is also very affordable.

Here is a caddy that holds all your hot styling tools with much versatility. You can hang it on the tower rack or an opened cabinet or drawer. Alternatively, you can also place it on the countertop. This Style Away creation has a hook where you can organize all the cords to keep them from becoming a tangled mess. There are three compartments for better storage. The compartments are spacious enough to act as a hair dryer holder, toiletries caddy, and accessories rack. You can choose to bring it out during styling and return it to a larger storage afterward. It is completely portable, so it is easy to stow and retrieve. It comes in black and white designs that match minimal or simple room styles.

This Style Away organizer/hanger for styling tools and accessories is made of sturdy plastic. Meanwhile, its compartment dividers are made of metal so your hot curling iron or blow dryer does not melt the parts. You can also safely replace your tools into the container while they are still in use. This helps a lot if you easily tire while drying and styling your hair. It also works well for when you don't want to put your heated stuff on top of the counter. This hair dryer holder++ is being sold online for a low cost. It is totally worth every penny. We love this product for looking like a basic caddy that you can put beside your other storage boxes.

This Cool Care dual vented curling iron and blow dryer holder is a practical solution for your storage needs at home. It raises the bar when it comes to promoting home safety. It was previously given the Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA) Award. Its handles are indeed designed to allow heat to escape quickly, preventing burns and fires. Aside from being a safe product, it is also considered a bathroom space saver and a handy bathroom shelf organizer. This unique unit can be assembled in a snap. Just follow the directions provided by the manufacturer in the product guide. Its orientation allows for quicker access when stowing or retrieving your hair care tools and accessories. We love that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Cool Care blow dryer holder is made of stainless steel for sturdy and long-lasting performance. It is also strong and stable enough to handle curling irons and hair dryers, as well as other accessories. The design of this product blends well with multiple bathroom styles. It serves as a decor for modern, minimalist, clean, and elegant aesthetics. This is ideal for users with kids around. It is always a hazard to have heating tools laying around. With this solution, you can just shoot the tools to the vented holder while they are still in use. For all the functionality, this product comes at a very low cost. You can buy more than one and mount them on walls to save space and maintain safety in your home.


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