Practical Options: Hair Dryer for Natural Hair

As a part of our series on practical options, this post lets you in on the basics of shopping for a hair dryer for natural hair.

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What Kind of Curly Are You?

The best blow dryer for natural hair isn't one brand, one model, or one combination of features (tourmaline, ceramic, ionic, 12 volt dryers). Hate to break it to you, but it seems every brand or model is a potential candidate. So, if you advocate responsible buying like us, doing a research is a top priority. Knowing your mane's texture matters, so we start there. For anyone sporting Afro, kinky, curly, or whatever you call it, the experts have developed a more organized system to classify your hair type. These are wavy (type 2), curly (type 3), and coily (type 4).

To find a suitable hair dryer for natural hair, understand first the basic behavior of your type. Team Wavy has the most tendency to frizz. Curly seems to be the more gifted group since it gets body and spring with less effort. Coily has its people banding together for their shared dilemma of styling their fragile locks. When you shop according to your texture, you get to hit the right spots. Spending for (investing in) a more expensive gizmo that caters to your needs does not just make sense; it is the right thing to do. So, how do you find one?

Beware the Heat Damage

All too familiar for naturals is heat damage. We have more need for heat styling than other hair types. Also, who doesn't want to don a perfect blowout from time to time? In doing so, we increase our risk to heat damage. In searching for the right hair dryer for natural hair, the sub-goal is to find one that won't fry the strands. As such, heat control settings vary per model. We go for ones that have this setup: low or high, warm or hot, and cold. The low, medium, high, with cold selections are the next best thing to aim for. In some cases, low and medium are the same. If you can get them in separate modes, the better. For instance, we love toggling the three heat settings of the BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer. It also comes with a cool shot release.

Wattage is another important factor to consider. The best blow dryer for natural hair should have a high wattage. Faster drying equals less heat exposure. The standard for wavy, curly, and coily is 1800 watts. You can go as high as 2200 watts. Strive for a shorter time spent drying and styling your stubborn kinks. What helps? The TAIFF Fox Ion-TC Hair Dryer. It packs a lot of power in a lightweight, palm-friendly machine. The added technology, such as tourmaline or ceramic, is not all buzzwords to get you to buy. It has specific benefits, depending on the material, and a general advantage. Metals and plastics warm up more slowly than ceramic. Heating elements wrapped in ceramic perform better than those in copper coils. Anything ceramic is worth examining, as it can shave drying time by around 50 percent. We recommend: the Parlux 385 Powerlight Professional Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer.

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Shop Attachments and Argan Oil

The hair dryer for natural hair is a good product in itself. Yet, it cannot do the whole job of maintaining your curls. It is just one of the main characters, but it needs to interact with other characters to be effective. That said, you should search for attachments next. Your hair may have been worn out due to manipulation. To prevent further breakage, apply the tension method. Avoid the comb at all cost. Instead, pull your sectioned hair and blow-dry it from the roots. A powerful model with a concentrator nozzle is your BFF in this case. A paddle brush is also another gentle alternative to a comb. Finger-combing also works for wavy and curly types. To not disturb the natural style of your curls, get yourself a diffuser. This attachment is ideal for style-setting. The Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer comes with both the concentrator nozzle and diffuser.

Lastly, argan oil. This hair and skin wonder is known for retaining moisture. And when you are in the middle of blasting heat on your tresses, you might be drying your hair and driving all the moisture away. Tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic technologies can prevent your strands from becoming static, dull, and unhealthy. But argan infused in your heating tool provides the big finish. It seals moisture into your mane. Argan oil works best in giving you glossy hair. Yet, that is because beneath it is doing damage control. It provides your locks with an added layer of protection from the heat. The Nourishing Argan Oil 2200W Hair Dryer by Lee Stafford is an excellent option. Know that it is a high-end model, but it is worth investing in. The results are pretty impressive. Overall, compute the amount you will need to set aside to get the appropriate attachments and advanced features.

Our Verdict

There are many options on the market for team natural. Yet, as you discovered, there are three textures to remember: wavy, curly, and coily. If you know which type are you, it will be easier to create a shortlist. The best hair dryer for natural hair, above all else, prevents heat damage. Find one with elaborate heat control settings. Also consider the wattage (1800 watts is the standard for our lovely kinks). Advanced technologies such as tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic help improve performance. You will get even and consistent heat distribution (tourmaline), quick warm-up time (ceramic), and damage-free results (ionic).

Attachments and accessories are just as important. You might want to be gentle on your tresses if they're coily or curly. The tension method, as discussed above, is the most desirable way to do it. Ditch the comb for the paddle brush. Finger-combing also works well with an intense blow-drying application. Bonnet hair dryers are an insider's secret and keeps the heat in. One of the more recent additions is the infusion of argan oil in heating tools. Argan oil is known for retaining moisture. Hair dryer for natural hair with argan oil ups the game in helping naturals achieve a healthier, shinier, and smoother hair. And the price tag will tell you so.