All Hail the Best Hair Dryer Stands / Holders in 2017

Get up-to-date on which hair dryer stands and holders are slaying on the market with this quick consumer guide we crafted just for you.

Buying a Blow Dryer Stand? Read This.

Drying your hair just got better. Do it hands-free. If you suddenly thought of a floating blower because of that last sentence -- well, hold it right there. We are only referring to a simple, practical method. And this is using a stand to hold your machine while you style your mane. One hand becomes free to hold the brush. The other guides and assists. At the same time, you can adjust the angle of the dryer and relieve your arms of fatigue. Persons suffering from certain conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or injuries will benefit much from this concept.

These days, the market is not in shortage of hair dryer stands. The choices can get overwhelming. But we got you covered. First, determine the place where you are putting the blow dryer stand. Is it on top of a counter or a dresser? Second, know how flexible it should be. Do you want one that bends to your whims with ease? And third, set aside a budget. How much are you willing to pay for this thing? We are assuming you've figured out beforehand what tremendous help a blow dryer stand, as well as a hair dryer holder, will be for you. If it is only that our back of the head gets love and attention, too, we are so in. On to the products!

Few hair dryer stands and holders are as minimalist as this MyBella model from Spectrum Diversified. In fact, this device is so simple yet imaginative we are a bit sad for not thinking about it first. Anyway, here are some features to rave about. This half-an-ounce chrome holder can be mounted on walls or inside cabinet doors. The nifty coil design is crafted so neatly. If you want to get organized or compliment your minimalist style home, this is the product for you. Though it is not a stand, we appreciate it for getting our blower out of the way. Its diameter from top to bottom is 4.5 inches and 3 inches, respectively. This will fit more than enough types of hair dryers.

Spectrum Diversified MyBell Hair Dryer Holder delivers on its promise. And what is that? Hassle-free storage. Starting from the mounting process, it continues to be as easy as a life hack. You can also choose to put them up straight or tilted at an angle. Depends on your needs and preferences. We actually love how we can hoard units of this pretty little spiral thing. It is a very handy accessory not only for blowers but also for hair straighteners. You can even get one to place near the bedside, so you can put a cup there while watching or reading in bed. This affordable and high-quality product gets all those tiny hearts in our book, alongside our favorite blow dryer and blow dryer stand.

We love ideas that work, don't you? Versatile hair dryer stands included. And we found one that many pro stylists swear by. Even us girls who want to replicate salon-quality hair in our daily lives see its sterling quality. We are referring to the blow dryer stand by IdeaWorks. This model combines form and functionality. It can be placed on the floor or the countertop. Either way, you get to customize your drying and styling with the help of a third hand. This stand has an adjustable height of 27" to 36". Its really flexible neck bends to any angle, so you can focus the air on your strands. Dry hair and nails in no time with this beauty. It is a dependable assistant for the ever-busy individual.

Props to IdeaWorks for adding Velcro straps. These provide an option for users who own odd-sized dryers. The straps hold the blow dryer. Stands this universal are a rare find. This hair dryer holder cum stand, on the other hand, is very popular among users. It is easy to assemble, if you do this properly. Just follow the instructions in the manual, and you are good to go. Once you got it working, the following steps will be fuss-free. It presents a simple mechanism that answers the needs of people who want to style their hair better. At the same time, beneficiaries include folks with hand conditions. This blow dryer stand is a steal at its really low price. Buy this, and you will have a piece of jewel at hand.

This sleek accessory from Bathequip sets itself apart from other hair dryer stands. Well, technically, it is a holder. And it boasts a chuck lever suction cup base that easily sticks on walls. Mounting has never been this convenient. This is a revolutionary design that lets you install the unit in a snap. It makes for an ideal travel feature. Now, you can have great hair days while on vacation. The holder is compact and suitcase-friendly. It is also lightweight and portable. Just stuff it inside together with your trusty travel blower. The gooseneck can be adjusted so you can choose the perfect angle or height. Customize it alongside the dryer to speed up time and augment effort in drying your hair or nails.

What we love about this hair dryer holder is that it does not need screws. You do not need to drill holes to mount the hardware. That makes Bathequip a no-trace blow dryer stand, or holder, to be precise. It leaves no mar on walls. You won't be accused of tampering any property, say you brought and used this in a hotel or guesthouse. It also a breeze to unmount, so it is just as convenient as getting it to work. Another thing to love about it is its lifetime guarantee. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied with this item. We know that if a brand can offer such insurance, they are likely to believe their product is durable and high-quality that it can stand the test of time.

Back to hair dryer stands. If you are not the coordinated type, this might blow you away. Bestie Brands dishes out its own blow dryer stand slash holder with a patented design. This sweet little thing swivels and rotates. It has a universal fit that it is able to handle many types of blowers. Freeing up your two hands, it gives you a chance to style your mane, the professional salon way. And it has a nice finish and look that blends well with any bathroom interior. It speaks to the hipster in us. We love how we can mount it just by having basic reading comprehension skills. It comes with a black plate that attaches to the wall with four screws. And that's it. Enjoy a more efficient and targeted styling time after bathing.

This Bestie Brands unit is no ordinary blow dryer stand. It is equipped with a gasket that you can remove to increase its diameter. That way, it can accommodate dryers with thicker handles. Now you can have an organized bathroom while turning your weakness (being un-coordinated and all) into a strength. With the power of your blower and the skills of your two hands, you can walk out of the house with a salon-gorgeous 'do. We also love this holder for its great price, quality materials, and professional look. For the men out there, it is a perfect gift to give your wife, daughter, girl friend, or mother! Compliment it with an equally pretty hair dryer to make it even more special.

A break from the regular programming featuring hair dryer stands. This is basically a holder, not a stand. It is meant to store your machine, not handle it to free your hands while drying and styling your locks. Despite the fact, you will find it useful in a small or jam-packed bathroom. This little organizer helps you save space. It comprises a bin and a spiral blower holder. The detachable bin, or cup, can fit hair brushes, cosmetics, and other pieces of toiletries. You can also place the hair straightener in there. The hair dryer goes through the spiral holder. This can carry most types of blowers. This Crazy Sound product has the right appeal for neat freaks. Meanwhile, its multi-functionality caters to organized individuals.

Though technically not a blow dryer stand, this Crazy Sound creation is a reliable companion to your blower. We think it is perfect for clumsy people like us! This is also ideal if you have a condition that requires you to put down the dryer frequently. Or maybe it is just a practical solution to tired arms. Simply replace your dryer onto the spiral rack, and that's it. You prevent the former from slipping off the countertop. Then you can easily take it back again. The multifunctional holder has a chrome finish that is durable, scratch-proof, and rust-proof. Tidy up your bathroom with this hair dryer holder, which is lightweight and easy to mount. Plus, it comes at a low cost that you do not want to miss.

If you are the efficient type, there is a companion we want you to meet. Check out the Hair Dryer Holder Company stand. It is actually a support that you can mount on any non-porous surface. We figured you would love to have one on the bathroom wall or mirror. Isn't it a dream come true to dry your hair up right after stepping out of the shower? You won't have to worry about electrocution (due to a still wet hand managing the dryer). Just stand beneath the mounted unit, customize the settings, and use two hands for faster styling. For better coverage, install the holder at a 45-degree angle instead of vertical. That way, you can rotate the blower on its vertical axis.

For mounting the unit, you can choose between suction cups or a stud, which is for screwing it up the wall. We prefer the latter. Either way, this holder from the Hair Dryer Holder Company stays put. You can't go wrong with this accessory. It supports a heavy hair dryer, stands pressure, and adjusts easily using a wing nut and bolt. If you broke your wrist or a bit disorganized, then you have a handy companion in this gizmo. It is highly recommended for sticking on glasses and tiles. It is also very cheap and worth so much more than its price. It does not take much to manage it, too, even your little girl can handle it. Just get one for yourself and one for your kiddo -- and even one for your pet!

If you want flexibility in movement while drying your hair, this Orino Beauty blow dryer stand is here to help. Its neck can be bent at any angle and rotated at 360 degrees. It is easy to use. You can set it up on the top of your dresser or counter, adjust the reach accordingly, and start your routine in a snitch. We think individuals on the go will have a blast with this. If uneven styling used to be an issue, you can start forgetting about it. Just focus the air on your tresses, front and back. Yes, you can do so now without straining an arm. And let us add that this product can support daily hair care. Its supporting bracket is made of a stainless steel tube, and then a high-density environmental ABS plastic inside.

Its range of adsorption plane is another reason this Orino Beauty tool made our list of best hair dryer stands. It can adhere to a glass surface, a smooth tile surface, and a smooth metal surface. Its rubber base is 6-mm thick. The base employs a suction system that uses a clamping lever to keep the thing in place. It also securely holds your blower so you can sit back on a folding chair and work the brush. No fear or risk of breaking your trusty dryer. The neck takes some effort to position, though it is not something that can hurt your back or anything. Once adjusted, it stays there firmly. You don't even have to disassemble parts. Just leave and return for your session the next day.


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