A Quick Guide and Review of the Best Hooded Hair Dryers in Town

Fellow curlies, check out these hooded hair dryers if you hate air drying and want to style your stubborn locks like a pro.

Not Just Hot Air

Hate waiting for your hair to dry after toweling? Finding it difficult to style your stubborn locks? Do you need more than a blow dryer to work out those kinks? A salon hood hair dryer may be the right machine for you. This is the solution for people who have American-African hair, hands that tire from an hour's task of drying and styling, and busy schedules. And this is just the right answer for domestic goddesses who have been dreaming of setting up their home salon. If any of this sounds like you, you are in for some tips and product highlights.

In our latest blog post, you will find no-nonsense reviews of the best hooded hair dryers in town. We have crowd favorites like Conair and Sally Beauty. We also managed to toss Pibbs into the mix. Our list will have something to cater to any type of hair, from 1 (straight) to 4 (coily). We also have sturdy, compact, standing, tabletop, what have you. Look no further for a dryer that is hot enough to dry and style your tresses fast. Get a gorgeous salon blowout -- hands-free -- in the comforts of your home, saving time, energy, and money as you do.

The Paragon Aura UI Salon Hair Dryer does not just come with one of those hooded hair dryers but also with a wheel kit. Its extra-large smoked hood is ideal for thick, coily hair. Got thin, fine hair? This machine also works for achieving volume, like a modern perm that requires jumbo rollers. The variable temperature settings make for versatile sessions. You can adjust the heat to dry your curls fast or to maximize the effects of deep conditioning. As important as this function is the timer. Set it to the desired session length, relax, and read a book or answer emails on your phone. Assembly is a breeze, and so is cleanup -- it has a top-loading washable air filter for this very purpose.

As we love to remind our readers: keep it away from children. Our kids might think it is a toy (most times we think it's a slimmer R2D2). Good thing the Paragon Aura professional hooded hair dryer has two back wheels, making it easy for you to move it around. After use and once it has cooled down, store it in a dry, secure place. For a hard-hat, extra-hot type, it is a bit on the higher end of the price range. But for a rollout type, which salons typically use, this is a good catch. In our book, rollouts win over the tabletop and soft bonnet types. Now that you have read about its features and potential benefits, it is up to you to make the investment.

This Laila Ali creation packs a punch, and fittingly so for a salon hair dryer named after a pro boxer and daughter of a boxing legend. It produces plenty of power, It is infused with airflow to enhance drying time even more. Ions do not just speed up drying. They also retain moisture so your strands do not break under the pressure of heat and styling. Expect only shinier, and healthier-looking hair. Unlike the hard-hat, hooded hair dryers, this soft bonnet dryer and all its components can be stuffed neatly in one case. It is therefore ideal not just for personal use but also for business calls. If you are a professional hairstylist, this nifty unit should be your go-to drying and styling tool.

The Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer sports a hood that can accommodate large rollers. This makes it a no-fuss companion to creating loose curls and waves. It comes with three heat and speed settings, allowing you to combine the drying and styling settings that will produce your desired result. Use the cool-shot button to finally set the style. This salon hood dryer can help you set your braids or perm. It is also effective to use in chemical or conditioning treatments. And the cherry on top? It is super affordable. It is hard not to fall in love with this purple-and-black or purple-and-white ensemble. Further, if you need to transport it, pop the handle on the opposite side of the opening button. Then you can carry it like an atache case.

The Orion Motor Tech salon hood dryer looks every bit a sturdy and reliable companion in the salon and at home. It is adjustable from room temperature to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also adjust the timer from 0 to 60 minutes, so you do not go overboard with the drying and styling. With these measures in place, this standing professional hooded hair dryer works with versatility to provide you with beautifully-styled and healthy hair. More so, it provides you with perm, hair drying, hair treatment, and spot caring services in quiet. It isn't noisy like blowers. The swivel hood with a hinged door is a nice touch. It lets you get under the hood without difficulty. It has swivel casters and an adjustable height to boot.

When looking for hooded hair dryers, wattage is an important factor to consider. The higher it goes, the more powerful the machine gets. However, in the case of Orion Motor Tech's hair hood dryer, it uses less watts yet produces the same amount of heat as models with higher wattage. Allow this device to debunk the myths you have round hood hair dryers. If you thought they were only for salons, this lightweight model will show you how you can achieve the perfect blowout at home. What is more amazing is that you can have it for an affordable price. This one's cost is in the mid-range. For the excellence in performance that this product is known for, you will definitely get your money's worth, and then some.

This chic salon hair dryer by Hot Tools Professional combines power and practicality in one unit. It dishes out 1875 watts, which can dry your hair by up to 50 percent faster. If your hair is prone to heat damage, you will love how this product reduces that risk. It combines advanced technologies to yield desirable results. The tourmaline and ionic nano components transform the airflow into a hydrating spa treatment for your hair. Tourmaline is known for emitting infrared heat and negative ions, which allow for gentle blowing of your tresses. They also reduce frizz as they counteract positive ions that cause the hair to become static. The effect of these techs combined is shinier, smoother, and healthier hair.

If you are dreaming of having a home salon, this Hot Tools machine stands to be one of the best because it saves you time. You can absolutely do your makeup while sitting under the dome. The hood, by the way, is large enough to accommodate humongous rollers and can be adjusted. The front visor can be opened if you need more headspace inside the hood. So, you can multitask while drying and styling your mane. You can set up the dryer and adjust accordingly as you go. When you have a table nearby, you can actually answer emails, check social media, or start a task. The tool will free up time for you to insert or accomplish other things. You can totally reinvent your morning routine.

Laila Ali has a main focus on beauty and stakes in fitness. This salon hooded dryer it designed is all about hydrating airflow so the hair retains moisture and reduces frizz. The large round hood is great for accommodating jumbo rollers. At 1875 watts, it offers you 50% faster drying time. Of course, those who have natural hair know that it usually takes long to finish their regimen. But this one simply cuts down on time without changing the quality of the results. You can totally use the medium setting to work on your locks. Avoiding the high setting will do a wonder in your strands, while at the same time you will just know it is too hot to use even if it's just enough.

This one does the job of delivering on its promise. You cannot go wrong with putting your trust in a brand that is synonymous to a legend. With its power and dependability, it is a true companion to individuals who have long dreamed of doing their own salon treatment at home. This works like a charm when it comes to deep conditioning and hair coloring. You'll love its black and our purple-and-black design. The Laila Ali salon ionic hair dryer has an adjustable and collapsible stand that is perfect for traveling and storage. Its price is in the midrange, and you won't feel like you were robbed of your money if it malfunctioned. But the thing is, it probably won't, and you will get your money's worth.

If you are on the lookout for a compact, easy-to-store salon hood hair dryer, consider the Conair Pro Styler. It is a tabletop unit that you can use wherever you are comfortable. If it's warm outside, you can have a professional blowout right at your garden. There is a lot of flexibility here in terms of what you can do. Now, how about what this device can do? It sports an extra-large hood that operates on variable airflow settings, so it caters to all types of hair. Those huge curlers can fit under the hood in a breeze. You will feel it go hot enough to accommodate your styling needs. But it will not go too hot that it already impedes on your ability to stay under the dome while conveniently bingeing on Netflix.

The Conair Pro Styler won't hurt your pocket. This is perfect for those who are working on a shoestring budget. It is great for those who are on the move, such as university students who live in dorms. We also find this to be a lot of help to women who want to do deep conditioning or hair coloring at home. Regarding the latter, it intensifies the saturation of the color on your tresses. Even children can have a swell time sitting under it for styling during occasions, like birthdays and graduations. Storage-wise, it is portable and folds easily. It won't take that much space, either. Among brands that give you hooded hair dryers, Conair is known for its affordable costs. And its Pro Styler works well for the price.

This salon dryer is a godsend to people with African-American hair. Say goodbye to your regular trips to the salon. Home washings are possible through this yet another amazing product from Pibbs. It will shave half of the time you needed to spend on hair maintenance before. It depends on your hair type, but if you think about it, you have to spare one to 1.5 hours just for sitting under the machine for drying. Another hour to hour-and-a-half goes to treatment application, shampooing, and conditioning. Not counting the waiting period, that's already at most three hours of your day. This machine is definitely going to expand your schedule in a way. It dries fast, thanks to its super hot settings and upward airflow.

Bear in mind that you have to pin your hair down, or restrain it, because of the upward air motion. You can always reverse the setting so that the air moves downward instead. But this will defeat the purpose, which is fast drying. It packs a lot of power so you can actually sit under the device while you wait for the wetness to evaporate. Since you are hands-free, you can choose whatever you want to do while waiting. Professional outcome will be yours with the timer and temperature control dial. The stand is adjustable and extendable by up to 6 feet, which is fantastic for tall people. Unlike cheaper hooded hair dryers, Pibbs Kwik Dri lets you achieve a consistent result while saving money, energy, and time.


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