Why Buy A Low EMF Hair Dryer? 9 Best Options

Learn more about the advantages of owning a low EMF hair dryer, and find out how you can buy one online.

Fast Facts

The World Health Organization reports that electromagnetic emissions are a common occurrence in households. Electrical appliances give off radiation. Exposure levels depend on your distance from the source. We know that continuous exposure to radiation has harmful effects to the body. But there is no study yet to confirm its direct link to certain conditions like cancer. Also, as much as you would like to do away with our appliances, you just can't. Good thing, manufacturers nowadays are racing to produce energy-efficient tools. Efficiency in processing energy yields lower electromagnetic field (EMF). For those who want to keep their blowers, this idea is a godsend.

If you are on a quest to find the best low EMF hair dryer, then you have to look no more. The following list of the most fantastic options range from low-cost to fancy. Depending on your budget and standards, each item is affordable. You can also choose from the compact to full-sized; the suitcase-friendly to salon-quality; the classic to the modern. They are all powerful, quieter than standard blowers, and employ ceramic technology one way or another. This article contains information that will make your decision-making easier. Take a look at these models and enjoy reading the reviews!

At face value, it is easy to see why Karmin G3 is at the top of our list. Sleek, elegant, and high-quality: you get all these when you glimpse this thing of beauty. But how does it perform? One word comes to mind once you are holding it in your hand. Excellent. With pure ceramic coils, it produces moist ceramic heat, which is maintains an even temperature. This same ceramic component creates negative ions, which in turn speeds up the drying process while keeping your hair soft and shiny. This darling has got the ceramic tech down pat. The tech also enables the sealing of the cuticle, repelling of humidity, and locking in of hair color. It is a bit on the heavy side, as it is designed for salons and professional hairstylists.

But what keeps you now from purchasing this if it means you get to look fab every day? This professional grade, low EMF hair dryer delivers on its promise. It is gentle yet quick. You will notice the difference in the sheen effect, too. This is expected, as the tool is created by Karmin, the most trusted brand on the market. Spending additional bucks to have access to high-quality performance is the way to go. The look and feel show that is well-made. Yet, it is the actual usage that will reveal that indeed the product is crafted by the pro. To protect your investment, the manufacturer even provides a three-year warranty. But this thing might not give you mechanical issues even after years.

It is all about living loud with this low EMF hair dryer. Its bright design has its own appeal. Yet, it is a combination of all its components that delivers the most fantastic results. Starting with the ceramic and tourmaline infused parts, these harness the far infrared and negative ions that speed up the drying process. Cutting down the time, the Amika Mighty Mini Dryer Obliphica enables you to accomplish more important things -- without having a bad hair day. Aside from the usual positive effects of negative ion tech, it also prevents fungi and bacteria from growing in the hair and scalp. Meanwhile, the far-infrared heat rays penetrate deep into the hair shaft. This is how moisture is retained and hair damage is prevented.

The functionality does not end there. The hot setting tends to get really hot. If you have curly hair to tame, look no further. The cool setting produces cool air to get those strands to settle. This babe is equipped with a silent fan blade. Okay, there is still that hum of the air coming out, as the case is with all dryers. But it is significantly quieter than regular dryers. Two nozzles come with the Amika Mighty Mini Dryer Obliphica for better, more targeted styling. Walk out in a professionally-styled look in only a few minutes. Though it is a bit expensive, you will reap a lot of benefits through your years of use. It lasts thrice longer than your standard dryer, thanks to its AC Motor build.

Achieve a salon-quality style every day with yet another promising low EMF hair dryer. Powerful yet lightweight, the Solano Supersolano 3500 is packed with such beautiful contradictions. Its 1800 watts rival the energy released by other professional blowers. Its airflow is significantly more forceful. That shaves half of the time you spend working on your tresses. And you will not have to deal with the loud mechanical whirring while aiming this at your head. Featuring the far-infrared tech, it dries hair from the inside. The ceramic core allows for the even distribution of heat. The tourmaline component helps minimize flyaway. All of these work together to provide you with a healthy, shiny hair.

If those are not enough reasons to turn you into a Solano fan, this might. Real-life hairstylists rely on the expertise of this machine. Salons like Whistle in New York City swear by this gem. If your hair tends to be frizzy, this will help return its sheen. This product is a pro in the truest sense. And even it is a bit pricey, many average Janes and Joes bet their money on this blower. First, it is built to last for years. Second, it performs exceptionally well. And lastly, it is made and designed by one of the most trusted names in the business. Including this in your hair toolkit is a gift you can give yourself from time to time. Besides, you will get your money's worth out of all the years that this sweetheart leave you with a fabulous 'do.

Chic and stylish, this low EMF hair dryer fuses functionality into form. It does not look only pretty in pink. The CHI Air Vibe model dishes out a digital display of selections: temperatures, speeds, ions. By changing the touchscreen controls, you can customize your drying time without fuss. The settings are easy to figure out. You will be getting in your styling groove in no time. Compared to regular blowers, this babe dries hair faster by 50%. That frees you up to do other things. You can spend the other half on a chore, or for sleeping in. The far-infrared heat enables this machine to dry your mane from the inside while locking in moisture. The result is shiny, damage-free hair.

The soft cover on the handle of this sweetheart is a nice touch. Aside from offering comfort, it acts as an anti-slip material. This is particularly useful when you have to put the dryer on the countertop -- to rest or reach for something else. Modern is the word that describes the CHI Air Vibe. The all-digital controls help you to achieve the luster your locks need really quickly. As it comes from famous hair straightener maker CHI, affordability is not at the top of its fantastic qualities. Still, customers have attested to the reliability of this touch tool. These people will tell you that it is worth every penny. And since it has a special price, you can also opt to buy this for the special woman, or even man, in your life.

This Barbar creation employs ceramic heating, which emits EMF of 4.1mg. This is considered low EMF among hair dryers. On the other hand, the coil heating element found in typical units has EMF of 200mg. That staggering difference actually saves you 40% of electric consumption. One user tracked the usage since their home is solar-powered. This blower did use a smaller amount. It is a force to reckon with, as it is able to produce the same effect as a 1800-watt model with only 1100 watts. It wastes no energy, consequently emitting little to no radiation. When you are drying your hair with the ECO8000, know that it is blowing only clean air. You may track emissions with an EMF meter, which is also sold online.

This buddy is not bulky, so it is not hard to hold. It heats up faster than more widely-recognized models. Say goodbye to fallen strands and split ends. This is made to care for the health of your hair. It does not leave the mane brittle after blowing. Further, it does the job in as little as eight minutes for a long and medium thickness hair. It is lightweight and not as loud as others. One thing might cause you to rethink, though. The Barbar ECO8000 costs higher than standard dryers. But if you think of it as an investment both in your lifestyle and health, then you will start seeing the rewards awaiting you. And this unit lasting you years should be one of them.

MHD is another brand to discover. Its low EMF hair dryer packs a punch. If you want salon-quality style, check it out. This 1875-watt babe sports an AC Motor with low noise and vibration. It has got the bells and whistles for a speedy, excellent hair care schedule. The infrared heat you have been hearing a lot about: check. The negative ionic tech: also check. Add the two speeds and three heat settings that control airflow and heat. What you get is an amazing result, hair that is damage-free and healthy-looking. The airflow concentrator and diffuser are perfect for precise styling and touchups. Every part of this product is useful to individuals who have very little time to spare. What's not to love?

If you are the type who always needs to look presentable, to dress up and make up, make the MHD blow dryer your new BFF. It features a 9-foot heat-proof cord for quick and tangle-free maneuvering. Though heavier and larger than your typical unit, it can be lugged around in case you will need it at work or an event. It is known to be one of the most quiet ones, so you can stop worrying about disturbing other people in the vicinity. This is a well-balanced machine that home and salon users highly appreciate and recommend. On top of its exceptional record, it is priced at a third of the cost of fancy professional dryers out there. It is a durable device, withstanding the rigors of daily use. Definitely worth investing in.

CHI Mini Pro is another low EMF hair dryer that men and women alike swear by. A travel version from the reliable brand, this product is compact and portable. Its handle can be folded for fast packing. A lightweight blower, it is easy to grip and comfortable to the hand. Performance-wise, this little darling works like a pro. The ionic and far-infrared technology quickens the drying pace without breaking down your strands. You can don a sleek and shiny crown in minutes. This hassle-free vanity session is ideal for vacationers who run tight schedules. If you want to have an Instagram-worthy look without the stress, this is your guy. It is also an option for moms and even dads on the go.

For travelers, the dual voltage switch is a godsend. The CHI Mini Pro lets you choose between 110V and 220V without compromising its functionality. This means you can enjoy the full benefits of using this babe wherever you are in the world. You may find this a better alternative to hotel's in-house blowers. And at 1.15 pounds, it does not take much fuss to fit this into your suitcase. The number of trips you will make with this machine will more than make up for the cost of buying it. It is efficient, handy, and reliable. This also appeals to individuals who are looking for a practical thing to gift to family and friends. It sends the message that you care for them enough that you want to banish their bad hair days.

A low EMF hair dryer, the Tyche Turbo 3200 reduces your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This buddy is safe for daily use. And you will not be able to resist doing so. Its superior heat is evenly distributed so your locks get conditioned properly. The dual speed and heat settings provide you with six options. The ionic heat ensures your mane's health is preserved. This same technology revives dull and damaged cuticles. A cooling button produces cool air for style setting. This powerful tool slashes your drying time by up to 60%. It also enables pinpoint styling through the two air nozzles and one PIK attachment tossed into the package. The size and weight are pretty fine, not too bulky and heavy it gets in the way.

Both for homes and professional salons, the Tyche Turbo 3200 boasts a 360-degree swivel power cord. This means the cable, which is kind of long, does not get tangled. It pulls up to 3200 watts, which work well on afro hairstyles. It takes only around 15 minutes to dry natural curls. This is mainly why hairstylists prefer this bad boy. It does the job in no time and is very versatile. It leaves no frizz, letting you sport a salon-gorgeous hair within short minutes. For a beast like the Turbo 3200, too much heat might become a concern for some. Yet, this tyke gives you control over the settings. You have the power to customize them according to your needs and preferences.

With an attractive artistic design, the Gem Hair Dryer looks nothing like your ordinary styling accessory. Foremost, it emits low levels of EMF as a precautionary measure. Then, it fuses ionic and ceramic science to deliver a faster, damage-free performance. The negative ions, together with far-infrared heat, seal in vital moisture and repel humidity. This in turn leaves your tresses shiny and smooth. A nozzle and a finger diffuser are also included, making precise styling possible. With a push of a button, you can use cool air to lock in your 'do. And of course, the dual air control setting lets you manage the flow of air that comes out of the machine. It is definitely too good of a deal to pass.

What is the customer takeaway from all of these? Drying time that is cut down by half, of course. See that 12-foot cord? It is there to help you adjust your location while fixing your hair. The Gem Hair Dryer has an ergonomic handle so your hand feels comfortable during use. Plus it does away with the typical whirr the device has been associated with. It is quiet enough for your early morning ritual -- a good time to administer self-care, as the kids and the husband lay still in bed. The features we mentioned are also applicable in professional salons. This gem of a product comes at a reasonable cost. Buy one for your house or more for your business.


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