Best Men's Hair Dryer Models 2017

First-time men's hair dryer shopper, get your free guide here on what to look for in a unit before buying it.

Things to Consider

Blow dryers are seen as a grooming tool exclusive to females. Here is a possible conversation where one woman is sharing her latest find to friends: "You know, this 1875-watt thing sets my curls really well." Imagine men doing this among themselves. As a guy, you might hold a different opinion. Or you are trying to change your mind about this machine. You tell yourself, "If Barber Bob could wield it, why couldn't I?" Go ahead and do it. You might not see it yet, but you will discover later how the result is favorable to your hair.

Air drying, towel drying, using hair products, and leaving your hair be are the go-to maintenance methods for guys. Sometimes, these are not enough. There are situations when a men's hair dryer is all that's needed. Examples: when your strands refuse to be manipulated, fall limp, and lose their volume and shine. With a quality dryer, you can whisk and shape your hair up the way you want. If this is your first time shopping a blower, there is no need to hide in shame. We compiled a list of products, each deserving to be dubbed the best hair dryer for men.

This men's hair dryer from Revlon is just what the pro ordered. It boasts an infrared technology that penetrates down to the cortex of the hair. The cuticles lie in this area. Through ceramic technology, the heat is evenly distributed. This helps to avoid hot spots. Meanwhile, ionic technology releases the power of negative ions. This prevents static electricity, which causes the strands to get frizzy, dry, and damaged. Through this beast, you can dry your hair in short minutes. Expect expert-quality results as this unit delivers on its promise. It features all the bells and whistles that we mentioned above. These functions make this model complete. Revlon also throws a hanging ring and a diffuser into the package.

If this is your first time buying a men's hair dryer, the Revlon Pro Collection should be enough to convince you of the perks of blowing. Starting with a high-quality, low-cost model like this can prove to be a smart choice. This works especiallu if you are not ready for a Toni and Guy hair dryer. If the product turns out to be a dud, you now have a baseline for your next buys. However, if it is what it says it is, then you just bought yourself a trusty companion for years. Good thing the Revlon Pro Collection dryer is the latter. Its sleek interior also makes it appealing to women. This can be an all-encompassing unit for the whole family. It is ideal for many types of hair, from the coarse and thick to the fine cob-web thin.

This exclusive men's hair dryer from Mangroomer blows an impressive 1875 watts ( another good alternative to Toni and Guy hair dryer). Tweaked with three heat settings and two speed settings, it produces variable degrees of temperature and airflow. Overall, you get six unique settings for drying and styling your mop. The ionic technology produces precision negative ions. These negative ions restore the hair's moisture balance, seal hair cuticles, preserve natural oils, and eliminate frizz. These result to shinier and smoother hair. The salon-grade AC motor lasts three times longer than standard motors. This same motor is responsible for shaving 40% off of the time you spend drying your hair. Looks like you can ditch air drying and towel drying now. Further, it is such a light tool, great for long usage time.

With the Mangroomer men's hair dryer, you can style your mop sans the loudness of other dryers. It is less noisy than those cheaper, older models. If you are a woman doing her research before shopping, you can definitely buy this for your husband or son. This is an affordable product, so both might be better! You can buy two of these for the price of one Toni and Guy hair dryer. They will surely love this unit! If you are a guy, keep reading. This hair dryer sports a manly design. It has a wider handle, which does not fit into the hand. Its buttons do not get in the way, as they are located on the side. A nice touch by the manufacturer. Manufacturers should a thing or two about the issues of front and center buttons to users.

This Kingstar men's hair dryer is probably the one your barber is using -- a good alternative to the Toni and Guy hair dryer. It is a hit among professional hairstylists, no matter what their gender is. This powerful tool will provide you with the barber- or salon-quality result you require. At the same time, it offers you comfort and convenience. This blower is lightweight you can wield it for an extended time without your arm or hand getting tired. It is effective in evenly distributing heat on the hair, thanks to its ceramic core. This works with ionic technology, which prevents breakage and produces shiny hair that is smooth to touch. The high/low setting yields the right temperatures. Plus, you just need to exert a snowflake push to activate the cooling feature that is needed to set the hairdo in place.

If you have had a hard time dealing with frizz and dryness, the Kingstar men's hair dryer will change it for you. It comes with a nozzle for the concentrator attachment, which in turn helps direct maximized condensed airflow to a section you are targeting. This enables you to focus and achieve precise styling. With all of its features combined, this unit is expected to perform well under pressure. And indeed, it does not disappoint. It slashes 80% of your drying time. The simple black design caters to both genders and various tastes. With this salon hair dryer, you get a good bargain without compromising product quality. Grab your chance now. Unlike with the pricier Toni and Guy hair dryer, you can even buy one or more to give as a gift.

The Revlon Essentials is a women's and men's hair dryer. This one boasts plenty of heat. A strong performer at 1875 watts, it quickens drying time and allows customization of heat/speed settings. )One cannot help but compare it to the beast Toni and Guy hair dryer.) It has a cool-shot button that enables the style to set. The concentrator helps you achieve precise styling. Though this buddy signifies power, it sports an ultra lightweight design. And it is not as loud as a regular blower. You can take it with you during trips, although you will have to bring a converter overseas. It is easy to stuff in your suitcase. Through this product, Revlon provides you with convenience and comfort so you won't have to feel stressed while you are away from home.

For men who are looking to add a bit of volume to their mop, this is your guy. The Revlon Essentials women's and men's hair dryer is great for any type of hair, even thick ones. Also, this blow dryer is something you can share with your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or mother! But for the inexpensive price, you can buy another to give as a gift. You will definitely have a blast without hurting your wallet. You get value for the money. It is also very safe to use every day. This product is solid, fuss-free, and can last years depending on your level of care. These are just the qualities a man-on-the-go like you needs and wants. It comes in a black shell that suits any tastes.

Some men like simple things. And the Conair 1875 men's hair dryer is just that. It has the bare necessities of a blower: the ergonomic handle, 1875 watts, and two heat/speed settings. Yet, it packs a punch, just as much as a more expensive Toni and Guy hair dryer. It blows a stream of air that dries your hair faster than expected. If you have thick hair, you will love how it heats up just right to cover all bases in a snap. There is a cool-shot button that enables you to set your hair, so that the style stays on longer. Its functionality is impressive and unbeatable for a unit at this price. Further, it is lightweight and compact. It takes up very little space in the bathroom, or your suitcase, or any storage area.

Since it sports pretty basic feature, this Conair men's hair dryer is also ideal in workshops. You can use this bad boy on projects that need a quick drying tool. It works right out of the box. Plus, it is so cheap you can buy one for grooming and another for working. Since it weighs only three pounds, you won't have to worry about tired hands while you are styling or finishing a project. Some users also said they love how the air is not too hot but still does the job well. If you are new to this whole grooming-with-a-dryer thing, begin your initiation with this super affordable and reliable blower. You will not regret buying this powerful little bugger.

This is not a drill. Conair is bundling men's hair dryer with other items in the arsenal. But first, take a look at the 1600-watt compact blower. For guys, 1200 watts is enough to bring amazing results. With this much power, you get faster drying time and less fuss during morning preps. Customize the session with the two speed/heat settings. Also, the folding handle and dual voltage make this a trusty buddy for international travel. This men's hair dryer comes with a styling brush and styling comb in a full-size deluxe travel bag. If you are a woman, it is a perfect gift set to give to the men in your lives. And note that the dryer is not exclusive to males.

The set, though, is a different story. Men will find useful the detail trimmer with a multi-use handle for their nose, ears, eyebrows, and fine lines. You will also find included in your purchase an all-purpose, 20-mm trimmer attachment. This one is great for necklines, sideburns, and body. There is something for every hair length, texture, and style. Who knows guys can do so much more with their appearance: detangling, tidying, and smoothing their hair? The entire Conair toolkit is cheap, so why not grab as many as you can? This gift set has all the essentials for presenting yourself as a man of the world. The all-black package -- from the men's hair dryer to the accessories -- is a winner in our book.

Remington is well-known for quality grooming gizmos. This unit is included in its pearl collection of straighteners, styling wands, and hair dryers. The technology behind it infuses crushed pearls with ceramic heat, allowing the hair to achieve a healthy, smooth finish. While ceramic, by itself, allows for even heat distribution. The patent-pending pearl ceramic system houses micro-conditioners that are activated by heated airflow. Then, they are transferred to your strands, sealed right down into the cuticles. What's all this got to do with your grooming needs? Well, dry and limp mop is a sign of unhealthy hair. Nourishing your hair with shampoo and conditioner may not be enough. You need to step up your styling routine. This men's hair dryer will help you get that healthy sheen back.

This Remington men's hair dryer also employs ionic technology. It generates positive ions and releases them to the hair, a technique that makes the hair softer. If you think you can achieve this with your do-nothing method, then get to know the motor that powers this beast. It rivals the 2000-watt Toni and Guy hair dryer. It is 40% faster than standard dryer motors, cutting down on drying time. That is something you cannot achieve by just towel drying. Achieve barber- or salon-quality style in a snap with this blower. This on-the-go companion also lasts three times longer than the typical model. And for the fashionable, it comes in deep purple and blush pink. With accessories such as concentrator and diffuser to boot, it can be yours at a pocket-friendly price.


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