Top 7 Quiet Blow Dryers of 2017

Check out review of each of the top 7 quiet blow dryers on the market, and a few important things to know before you buy.

Know Before You Buy

Your quest for the best quiet blow dryer is only beginning. There are plenty of reasons you are leaning toward Team No More Noise. If you are single, it is probably to savor your me-time. If you have a family, it could be that you want them to be resting fully while you prepare their meal. Or you just want them to lay still while you organize home stuff. We understand. Especially these days, us girls face mounting pressure from all sides. The last thing we'd want at dawn break is to be disturbed from performing our hair ritual.

To blow dry or not to blow dry? That should not be the question. Given the chance, we'd reach for one of the quiet blow dryers on the shelf and bring it home. We need to dry and style our tresses, be it summer or winter. Maybe, that's exactly why you are here. If you are wondering how to pick the right model, we've got a few tips for you. Go for ionic. If it has a ceramic core, even better. Have a budget, but do not settle with a subpar unit. You'll have to buy once in several years if you aim for a powerful, quiet, fast engine -- the whole package. Here are the seven quiet blow dryers on the market, with our reviews and recommendations.

MHD is a rising styling brand, and now rules our list of top quiet blow dryers. And if you want to enter a tight competition, you've got to bring your A-game. Always. This is how you get judged: through your performance. So, let us break down the reasons this full-sized hair dryer from MHD is the best quiet blow dryer on the market. It sports an AC motor that is as powerful as it is silent. With a mighty 1875 watts, this buddy packs a punch. It also shaves drying time, so you can do more after a quick moment of vanity. Remember these: two speed and three heat settings; far-infrared heat and negative ion technology. These are the factors that contribute to that fast, efficient, and non-damaging drying session.

The settings for speed and heat are dedicated to controlling airflow and heat. This ensures that different hair types get the treatment they deserve. The far-infrared heat makes for quick drying. The negative ions counteract hair-damaging positive ions, eliminating frizz for a perfect smooth style and reducing the risk of damage. This MHD machine also contains the other cool features: the cool-shot button for locking in style; the removable lint filter for easy cleanup; and a professional-length cord with a hanging loop. Wear a compliment-worthy crown of hair after a quick session with this darling. And you don't have to wear ear plugs -- and wake the entire household -- to achieve your envisioned 'do for the day.

You are now looking at a super quiet blow dryer. This Revlon creation beats the leading brands with less. That is, it emits 50% less noise. Attribute the ultra-quiet performance to the vertically-mounted fan. You might doubt its firing power, though. But Revlon has it down pat. It says, "the centrifugal fan design with curved blades maximize speed for optimal energy with efficient results." Its product also sports unique U-shaped air inlets. Everything boils down to speedy drying. The ionic technology reduces frizz, leaving the hair soft, smooth, and shiny. Styling with this sweetheart won't feel like a chore. Meanwhile, you can have your me-time in peace with this silent hair dryer as the rest of the family continue to snore.

With a sleek and chic design, the Revlon ionic blow dryer is quite the charmer. It can turn heads in the salon and in the gym's shower room. We love bringing ours to the latter. Actually, we bring it every chance we got to exhibit it in public. Kidding! We just enjoy having this thing of beauty when we freshen up after workout. It is thoroughly flexible, so it meets most of our needs in and out of the house. It comes with a nozzle for the concentrator, which promotes precise styling. A universal diffuser will work fine with this unit. This ionic dryer is perfect for daily use. It comes at a very affordable cost. It is bound to be a classic. Try this quiet blow dryer for yourself. We highly recommend you do.

Revlon Perfect Heat reminds us of the Fast and Furious movies. Maybe because after 10 minutes with this babe, we can walk out of the house with perfect hair. Or maybe because the heat is on point, quick to rise in temp yet enough to prevent hair-damaging effects. Actually, maybe it's both! Also, we are particularly obsessed with its triple-baked ceramic tech. What is that, right? Apparently, it allows the dryer to evenly distribute heat. This has a professional dryer feel to it. Though surprisingly, it is lightweight and portable enough to act as a travel companion. It is easy to use. The two speed and heat settings are fool-proof. Oh, and it is not too loud to disturb snoozing souls. One of the best quiet blow dryers ever.

We have heard a lot about this Revlon option from our friends. In fact, it is on our list of top quiet blow dryers because it is popular within our circle. We were quite surprised when we found out for the first time that it had been raking high ratings online. We even stumbled upon reviews from male users. It turns out, this superpower engine is helping to break gender misconceptions. In a nutshell, we believe it is well-received because of this combo hit: fast, lightweight, gentle, and cheap. It is passably compact, so we are tossing in suitcase-friendly, too. Helen of Troy, the manufacturer for this Revlon model, has hit a jackpot. But more importantly, the customers get their money's worth, and then some. It is a win-win situation.

We are constantly amazed by this drugstore dryer. Time and again, Conair has dished out a model that rivals its more expensive counterparts in terms of functionality. The Turbo Styler is not the quietest hair dryer around, but it is not loud either. What it does best is care for your tresses, no matter the type. One of the perks of owning this is choosing the setting that applies to your hair type. Thick to thin, this buddy got it covered. There is that concentrator, too, which you can attach for on-fleek styling. The cool-shot button is not the only thing that is cool about this machine. With the different temperature settings, you can cool your locks down without having to hold down a button.

We'd take the Conair Turbo Styler, the quietest hair dryer, any day over a fancy one that offers a set of similar features. Cleaning this up is a breeze, thanks to the removable lint filter. And boy, do we love that black-and-chrome finish! It is an elegant piece that you can display on your dresser, in your bathroom, or in your salon. From personal to professional use, this handy tool delivers on its promise. And the price is enough to make your eyeballs swirl, in a good way. We did not believe what we saw either. But it is really cheap we are thinking of hoarding several units and gift them to our BFFs on their birthdays. We bet even your pickiest gal pal will not be able to resist it.

We are sure this Revlon darling is a contender for the Quietest Hair Dryers Award. Compared to average professional units, this one hums. The others just keep buzzing. Combine such a 'low-key' feature with the power to dry hair in a snap and energy efficiency. You will realize that this product is worth every penny. The two speed settings make it easy for women to style their prized crown of blonde, brunette, and everything in between. Also, do we hear an applause for its frizz-fighting ions? With 30% more in attendance, they provide you with a fighting chance toward better hair days. Salon-gorgeous hair is now within reach, daily, for the everyday woman, whatever role she may take on -- the worker, the mother, the entrepreneur.

What we love about the Revlon Quiet Pro Ionic Hair Dryer, aside from its name, is that it is really quiet. Have we mentioned that already? Hear us out. This is a machine that persons with disability or in certain conditions can use. If you have ringing in your ears, it will not compound the situation. Anyone with sensitivity to mechanical whirrs and whatnots get the safety thumbs-up for this one. Also, when you wield it at home, you will not awaken your sleeping tot. In that case, you avoid having to spend time taming down the little monster. Donning your soft, shiny hair, you better be scrambling eggs and making a pot of coffee for breakfast. Single ones, this is for you, too.

Discriminating women ought to have this in their bathroom (or wherever you prefer to stash your dryer). It does the job quickly, even when you do not fully turn up the heat. The ionic component means less static and frizz for your hair. For the obsessive-compulsive: the settings for heat and speed are separate. That means full control for you. And the fan creates robust movements without necessarily being loud. You would not want to instantly raise a ruckus at home with that mechanical noise. These are enough reasons for us to grab a Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer. What's the rush? Maybe we don't want to lose that good deal online. But that's just us.

If you want to keep digging, we've got a few more things about this Conair babe to share with you. Forget about the concentrator. If you have 10 minutes to spare (and that already feels like an eternity), you can rely on this tool's air flow settings. It enables precise styling within half the usual time. Attach the diffuser or concentrator to expand functionality. Either way, you get smashing results. As for handling it, easy breezy. This falls in the category of not too heavy and not too light. You will feel it is just the right size once you are holding it. Your arm can take it easy while holding this on one hand, the brush on the other.

We think of moms at the mention of BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer. Those blessed souls who need to be up before everybody else. And we understand their dilemma. They need to shower early morning, especially in midsummer, then: air dry or blow dry? The latter tends to wake the baby and the hubby up -- an event to be avoided at all cost. This is where this silent hair dryer enters the picture. Of course, the ladies of the house will want to be fresh before they start their 101 things-to-do, undisturbed. And this machine dries in a flash, which slashes drying time by half. To find a 2000-watt engine at a relatively affordable price would also be too sweet a deal to resist.

A closer look at the details of the BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer: ceramic technology, far-infrared heat, and six heat/speed settings. All of these work together to make your hair shinier, smoother, and damage-free. Ceramic tech is gentle on the strands. Far-infrared heat protects your mane from damage. One of four heat settings reveal voluminous hair with shine. Another thing to love: the slide-to-switch feature. Instead of toggling, you slide to switch on to low or high. You won't be 'accidentally' switching the thing off while handling it. It is also not as as heavy as it looks. No bad hair day and no sore arm for you. What a good way to start the day, right?


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