Rusk Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer Review

Look no more for a lightweight professional hair dryer with the power to amaze you and your clients.

First, You Need to Know This

Have you ever had to deal with the most unruly, thick, and curly hair? If you are a professional hairstylist working in a salon, you might have answered yes. If this is also you, a home user, you might have a firsthand experience. Well, here is some good news for you.

Introducing the RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer. This RUSK offering is a professional hair dryer that is ideal for salon experts, average home users, and even frequent travelers. It packs a lot of punch, which you will want to experience whether you are working or traveling, as well as at home.

Know more about this product through our specific review. We have dished out the pros and cons of buying and owning this unit. You will also read about the most important features of this machine. We hope to help you make an informed choice after this. We'll leave you to it now. Happy reading!

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

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  • Packing 2000 watts of power, the RUSK W8less dries the hair faster than other models, giving a solid and excellent performance all the time.
  • It is lightweight and less bulky than other professional hair dryers, so it is perfect for salons, homes, and travels.
  • It sports ceramic and tourmaline technologies, two heat and two speed settings, and a cool-shot button that make it stand out among pro dryers.


  • As with most professional dryers, it is not a cheap product to begin with, but offers great value.
  • For the average home user or frequent traveler, the learning curve might be longer compared to that of a professional hairstylist.

Features & Benefits

2000-watt Power

If you are looking to speed up the drying and styling process, you need a hair dryer that packs a punch. With 2000 watts of power, the RUSK W8less Dryer can convert electrical energy faster into heat. You can rest assured that you will get an exceptional performance. It is said to cut drying time down to 10 minutes. This is a particularly interesting news to those who have thick and curly mane, people on the go, and professional hairstylists. This dynamo even stands out because of its effects. It leaves your locks looking healthier: smoother, silkier, and shinier. Talk about having no fuss about getting a no-frizzy ???do. This is because of the technologies used in the device, all of which will be discussed further in the following items. It is an amazing product that can hopefully start a new generation of dryers that can simplify the process even more.

With RUSK, this is not entirely possible. The brand is known for tapping into contemporary life. It takes into consideration the needs and preferences of people who are using hair dryers. And as it is mindful of their styling needs, it will surely continue to develop products that can answer people's real-life issues and problems. In a sense, the power of W8less is symbolic of the power that the brand allows its clients to have comfort and convenience when using its products. This is why it strives to remain true to what it advertises. And if it says, 2000 watts power, that's what you get. This caters to all types of hair, from Type 1 to Type 4. Let us just say you need 1800 watts to tame the most unruly coil. Imagine what this pro blow dryer can do. Got thin, fine hair? The machine has various settings to help you with that.

Heat & Speed Settings

You will know this is a professional hair dryer by its settings. Normally, an average home user will have a longer learning curve with the high and low buttons. This is because this kind of user often does it in a sweep, which is understandable when you are after speed. But think about what your hairstylist normally does after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Does he or she part your mane into several sections. This is because sectioning is basic to pros. It actually makes their work easier for them. Now, if you feel like the high setting is too hot, you might want to try sectioning. The nozzle concentrator also helps in focusing the heat to the target section. This might take time to learn, if you are not a salon expert, but it can be done. You will soon realize that the settings are there not to make your life hard. It is the other way around.

For some, warm is already hot enough to do the job for them. Indeed, the heat and speed settings help you customize your drying and styling method. You can switch to cool when you want to let the style set in after drying. For instance, you can use the warm and low combination to achieve a naturally bouncy hair. Users have reported that the RUSK W8less has a perfect air strength and flow. The warm air is even efficient in drying your face after you have put on some products. Yes, you read that right. You can dry your hair and skin with this amazing device. Meanwhile, this is also solid and sturdy, so you can use it daily without worrying about the wear and tear. It can last you years, which means that you can milk it for what it's worth. It sports a long cord that allows salon pros to maneuver it without much hassle.

Lightweight & Quiet

This is one of the highlights of the RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer. This power machine weighs less than one pound. Yet, it is still good enough for professional use especially in salons. This is an innovative model for the experts who attend to a good deal of clients every day. For them, this lightweight unit is a godsend. It prevents your hand from tiring unnecessarily after, as it is easy to hold. Because it dries your hair quickly, each session becomes enjoyable to both client and hairstylist. If you have a condition such as nerve compression issues, this would also be an ideal option for home use. If you travel frequently, you may also appreciate the convenience that this pro blow dryer brings. You can stash it in your suitcase without a fuss. Or put it in your carry-on bag. Just don't forget to bring a converter with you.

Aside from being lightweight, the RUSK dryer is also not bulky. It is easily a good alternative to subpar blowers found in hotels, inns, or homestays. Compared to heavyweight professional hair dryer, the RUSK W8less is quieter. This is a preferable quality when you are working in a salon. It does more to relax the clients in the area. Your family or flatmates will also appreciate it should you have to dry and style your hair while they're sleeping in. But do not be fooled by its quiet AC motor. You will find it as powerful as your standard pro model. It works wonders even for those who have layers and layers of hair. It is indeed a tool that you can add to your arsenal, whether you are a pro, a home user, or a frequent traveler.

Ceramic and Tourmaline Technologies

The main components of this RUSK pro hair dryer are ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic is a reliable heating element used in drying and styling. As a shell or coating of an internal part, it helps warm up the device quickly and consistently. It is all about emitting gentle heat, which prevents hair from getting damaged. Gentle also means heat distribution is even across your hair. Meanwhile, because of faster drying time, your strands are exposed to heat and its less desirable effects for only a short moment. The thing is, it does not boil your hair the way metal would if it was used to heat up air. Also, ceramic is able to detect temperature during blowing. When it senses the heat surrounding your hair has become too high, it adapts and adjusts by lowering the temp. Talk about smart technology! And is didn't loving your locks become more fun?

Tourmaline is another advanced technology found in the RUSK dryer. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone. It emits a stream of negative ions, millions of them, and far-infrared heat. Negative ions break down water molecules in your strands. They also counter positive ions that cause static electricity. They help your hair retain moisture so you get a shinier and no-frizz finish. You get better conditioning with tourmaline. Meanwhile, far-infrared heat penetrates your tresses without destroying its natural barrier. This helps dry your follicles from the inside out. It also contributes in cutting down on drying time. Say goodbye to split ends and brittle hair. Tourmaline and ceramic actually work together, as normally, the ceramic coil will have crushed tourmaline within it. They can be found in not-so-expensive to high-end professional salon models. Those using these techs are not as cheap as entry-level ones, like the RUSK model. Yet, they guarantee you get exceptional performance.



The RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is a force to reckon with. It shaves off drying time by about 50%. This is the result of the combined work of its wattage, advanced technologies, and AC motor. Obviously, it has 2000 watts of power, which is efficient enough to tackle the most unruly curly hair. It also boasts tourmaline and ceramic, which are responsible for gentle and heat-protecting drying. It is one of the most lightweight and quiet in its category. It sports two heat and speed settings for better customization. It is great for pros, home users, and travelers alike.

Now that you have known more about the RUSK W8less, it is time to decide whether you should have it or not. Thank you for choosing us to guide you through the pros and cons of buying this product. We also hope you learned something more about the features. If you want to know more about other hair dryers in general, you can check out our blog posts on the topic. We also have other articles and updates on what's available on the market today. We believe in empowering smart consumers, so we continue to provide you with valuable information.

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