Fall in Love with These Fantastic Salon Hair Dryers of 2017

Get salon-gorgeous hair without leaving your house through these exceptional salon hair dryers of 2017.

Straight to the Facts

Ever wonder why you can't seem to replicate the hair style your hairstylist tried on you last week? It isn't because the perfect blowout look is elusive. With minimal skills, you can up your mane game. But you have to use the right tool in the process. A hair dryer that a salon from an upscale neighborhood uses is not the only option, though. The market has plenty of selections for beginners and professionals alike. The goal is to find a salon hair dryer that caters to your needs, your budget included. And sometimes, you get an unexpected unit after the search.

Don't be surprised if your typical beauty store brand has a line of salon hair dryers. Taking a pick has become more difficult because of the variety. But don't you worry. We are here to help you sift through the noise. We compiled a list of the best salon dryers that we think might interest you. They range from the simple to fancy, the affordable to little bit pricey. Yet all of them have one thing in common: they strive to give you the chance to fulfill your blowout dreams. Take a look at each of them and then tell us what you think.

Experts swear by this drugstore dryer, proving that they don't always need a fancy brand to display their skills. Drying is mostly about technique. Accompanied by this bad boy, pros can accomplish much. The Conair Infiniti Pro is a time saver, freeing up about 50 percent of what you used to spend. This is partly because of the maker's decision to stuff it with an AC motor rather than a DC motor, which is the slower performer. At 1875 watts, this bad boy is strong. Perfect for mobile individuals, no matter their hair type is. If you work at a salon, you would want to speed up your service. If you are buying this for your personal beauty routine, you would want to achieve that salon-quality updo in a snap.

No scorching has been reported among home users. The Conair Infiniti Pro offers adequate air and heat, careful not to overdo it. The ionic technology can de-frizz by 75 percent. If you have long hair, less reliable salon hair dryers will need a water break. Not this one. It is tough. The folding handle can be a little stiff, so it takes some time to get used to. The folding mechanism is what actually qualifies this model as a travel companion. It is lightweight compared to its counterparts. Lugging it around is a breeze. Managing it, with its two heat and speed settings, involves little to no fuss. At an eye-popping low price, the package is delivered to you with a concentrator and diffuser to boot.

Packing 2000 watts, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer is all about power. Faster drying becomes a professional's drill. Even so, the lightweight ergonomic handling does not tire hands easily. This salon hairdryer is a godsend when you are looking after a hundred, or more, clients per day. The six speed and heat settings are hard to match by peers at its price point. All the toggle switches are placed sensibly on the machine to enhance muscle memory. Reduce frizz and increase shine in minutes. So much can be done with this little darling, all of it in a breeze. You won't have to ever back down from a long, thick, and curly hair challenge anymore. Focused drying is made possible by the inclusion of a concentrator nozzle.

That the BaBylissPRO Nano has a low-noise signature and a long cord is winning the hearts of more and more hairstylists. It is easy to see the logic behind it. You can move around freely even as you are careful not to distract your client with the noise. If you are using this in the house, wouldn't you appreciate that extra length that affords you a little more space? And that gorgeous blowout you have been asking your stylist about, it is not just wishful thinking anymore. By sparing 20 minutes, you can look like a celebrity for a day. It is ideal for people who do not want to spend too much for a special night with their S.O. or a social event that motivates them to look all dolled-up.

Surely, you've heard about how 2000-watt salon hair dryers deliver results in as little as five minutes. Can you go shorter than that? This Xtava bad boy can. It blows 2200 watts without hesitation. And it is only beginning. It also features advanced technologies that make drying and styling a breeze. Whatever your hair texture is, you are not outside the capacity of this machine. Combining tourmaline, ionic, and ceramic techs, it dissipates water molecules quickly while sealing the cuticles for that added volume and shine. It also sports a 360-degree airflow feature, which removes harsh heat and protects your hair from damage. Check out its orchid hair diffuser, your handy tool for taming curls and waves. Say goodbye to frizz while maintaining your natural texture.

This 2200-watt beauty easily beats standard salon hair dryers because of the way it pumps out air. It is perfect for many types of hair: curly, thick, wavy, coarse, fine, thin. Your hair length is not an issue. Its cord is longer than most units, so you are free to move around. The grip is also fantastic as it caters to both lefties and righties. If you can't get enough, consider buying one now. Xtava is a brand that you cannot simply ignore. It has paid great attention to the details of this model. The packaging looks professional. The product comes in elegant black and white designs. Throw in the black/white orchid diffuser and concentrator combo, too.Want more? This fancy blower does not cost much! Everything about this model rocks.

A true ionic heater, this device disperses negative ions to dislodge positive ions that cause static in the strands. It also boasts of infrared heat that dries the hair from the inside out. Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for daily use. The titanium ceramic-coated grille of this John Frieda creation is so easy on the eyes. But it is its ability to warm up fast that makes it a force to reckon with. At 1875 watts, it dries your locks quickly while leaving them soft with a salon shine. Also great for styling, it features three heat and two speed settings for flawless customization. Achieve less frizzy and more manageable mane with this lovely compact blow dryer.

You cannot go wrong with this John Frieda unit. It is not just a contender for the best salon hair dryers on the market. It is also competitor for the best travel blow dryers in 2017. It is totally suitcase-friendly! It has plenty of power you can see your hair go from soaking wet to dry in a few minutes. Even the most unruly coils and curls will bow down to the power of this tiny machine. That obnoxious sound that standard hair dryers make are absent in this model. To achieve you #hairgoals, you should make this your travel or daily companion. The price will make you fall in love with it more. Just a little above the price for a dinner for two, you can buy one for yourself and another for gifting.

There is much to love about this Xtava blow dryer. Its design and feel will instantly impress you. It does not just look like a professional salon hair dryer, though. It acts like one. Dishing out bells and whistles that might confuse you at first, this sexy beast provides you with styling options for maximum results. First, the heat level. Choose high heat to remove moisture if you have thick or coarse hair. Go for low heat if your strands are thin and fragile. The two speed settings let you customize the airflow, so you can control the way your locks are dried. Then there is the cool-shot button, which you only have to press (instead of hold down) to activate. When it's lit, it gives off cold air for style polishing.

But these are the typical buttons you find as well on an average hair dryer. This Xtava model is a rare find, even among salon hair dryers, because of its ion settings and the Perfect Hair Switch. You can toggle between 0, 1, and 2 to discharge negative ions that combat static. If you are aiming for a sleek and silky blowout, go for 2. If you want more texture and volume, you will get that at 0. As for the Perfect Hair Switch, just push up to 1 to get an instant turbo speed and medium heat setup. This is ideal for daily use, when you are rushing to start your day and want to deal only with the simplest of things.

Conair is always a step ahead of its peers. With the full-size Infiniti Pro, it uses the quieter AC Motor, features ionic technology, and offers three heat and two speed settings. It is committed to give you salon performance even at the comfort of your home. This option lets you save on time, effort, and money. Drying time is halved. Styling is a breeze. Your hair gets less frizz. The negative ions found in the product penetrate the cuticle and counteract the positive ions that cause static. This unit is unbeatable when it comes to power efficiency. It becomes hot enough even at the lowest setting. It is gentle on damage-prone strands, too. You get functionality and sensitivity in one item. What a steal!

The Conair Infiniti Pro also showcases ceramic, which produces infrared heat, which in turn protects hair from damage. Conair has thrown in argan oil, an addition to its treatment products. It is .25 Fl. oz One 'N Only argan oil, which is derived from the Moroccan Argan Tree. When infused into the elements of the heating tool, it revitalizes and moisturizes your locks. It is one of the bulkier models on the list, but it sure contains a ton of power in its body. A simple, no-fuss model for your special and daily needs. It sports a unique soft-touch finish that signifies a professional vibe. It sports such funky colors: black ombre, red, red ombre, soft touch pink, and soft touch red.

Tame your wayward tresses with the JINRI X Professional hair salon dryer. All the features you are looking for in salon hair dryers can be found in this machine. Negative ions that shoot through the airstream to the cuticles: check. Infrared heat technology that speeds up the drying process: check. A cool-shot button that releases cool air to allow a style to set: check. With two speed and three heat settings, you can customize your session according to current needs and preferences. This product is your ally when it comes to achieving glamor without breaking the bank. But it also shows that just because you want the cheaper option does not mean you have to settle with a subpar salon-style hair dryer. It's a balance.

JINRI X Professional hair dryer is worthy of a spot in the salon. It looks classy and sturdy at the same time. You will be pressed hard to get disappointed with its performance. It still works fast when set at low speed. It cuts down a 15-minute session on a thick, mid-length hair to a satisfying four-minute one. It is also gentle on folks with fine and thin strands. Outside the salon, it can be taken anywhere! To the gym, sauna, or pool. You can bring it with you during travels. It's small and light enough to make for easy packing. It has been reaping five stars from legit customers online, whether they are pro or regular users. The price is right. You get what you pay for.


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