Overview: Buyer's Guide to Standing Hair Dryers of 2017

Through this article, know the 411 on standing hair dryers before you buy.

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Salon-Quality At Home

Getting a salon-gorgeous hair style is possible with a standing hair dryer. And it's not only the professional-grade look that you'll get. The convenience is definitely an advantage to owning one at home. That's fewer and fewer salon trips to make -- saving you time, money, and energy. If you are sporting natural hair, you can enhance the effects of deep conditioning with a professional standing hair dryer. If you want to style your straight hair, you can do it faster and fuss-free. Just stay under the hood, read a magazine or browse through your Facebook feed, and wait for the treatment and style to set in.

Standing hair dryers are better than conventional blowers because the former let you dry and style your tresses hands-free. You won't have to work out both your hands and legs, too. You can sit under the machine for minutes while doing other things. It brings a form of relaxation, and it's something you can do in the comfort of your home. Most standing hair dryers have wheels, so you won't have be stuck in a spot. This also differentiates them from bonnet hair dryers, which limit your movements. Read on to know more about the perks of purchasing this device. Another alternative are hooded hair dryers for your home.

Important Factors to Consider

Another upshot of owning a standing dryer is that it gives off indirect heat. The warm air it produces, it circulates. Thus, your exposure to heat is not as direct as with a handheld blow dryer. Because of this, you decrease your risk of incurring heat damage. Wet styling also becomes possible with the hooded dryer. It is an exciting proposition. The only thing that might set you back is the price. Better get this out of the way. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can consider the cheaper-end versions. If you can shell out more, there are premium products available on the market. More expensive models have bells and whistles to accommodate many styling needs. Remember that just because it is more expensive doesn't mean it can match needs that are particular to you. At the same time, not all cheaper units are better alternatives.

Aside from the advantages and price, you have to consider the features. Wattage should be around 1000 to 2500. The higher you go, the greater drying power you get. With 1200 watts, you are already able to achieve much in a short time. Most units boast multiple heat and temperature settings. This feature allows for customization on your end. Unlike conventional blowers, you can adjust the heat and temperature levels multiple ways. Typically, there are knobs to indicate the various options. Heat options range from low, medium, and high for a generic unit. If it does not have custom temp settings, it instead offers a thermostat. Accurate reading of temp helps you ascertain the result you want to achieve. If you are aiming for a deep color, you need to time the treatment precisely. Look for a standing hair dryer that has a built-in timer. An adjustable height is also a plus.

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Advanced Features to Check Out

Standing hair dryers come in either a moveable or fixed model. People are accustomed to the former, and there is a reason you find it more often in salons. It has less carbon footprints compared to the fixed version. It requires much less power to run. It can be moved around, obviously. Yet, the latter has a sturdier build, which makes it a winner in terms of durability. Now that you have an idea of the salient features, it is time to understand more what type works best for your hair texture. This entails looking at the advanced features typically found in standing hair dryers. But first, here are the texture categories: Straight (Type 1), Wavy (Type 2), Curly (Type 3), and Coily (Type 4). If you are from team natural, you would definitely benefit from a device with tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic technologies. These are materials that improve the performance of the machine's heating elements.

Tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic as materials have the ability to warm up the machine faster while preventing hair cuticles from losing all moisture. They result in shinier, smoother, and softer hair. These features also present benefits to individuals donning fine hair. But do bear in mind that the finer and thinner the strands are, the easier you go on the heat setting. Think about this: 800 watts is enough for Type 1 and 1800 watts above works well for Type 4. In addition, the hood or bonnet size matters. Bigger hoods can accommodate large rollers, allowing for flexibility in your hairstyle. Some even come with a visor leading to a more personalized, private, and concentrated effect. Attachments such as an airflow diffuser are also welcome. Lastly, a reliable standing dryer should have safety measures in place. One example is the locks that secure the hood and the stand to its position.


Standing hair dryers are not limited to salons. They can be used at home for personal styling purposes. If you are on the lookout for one, there are factors you must consider before buying. First, how is it better than having a conventional blow dryer? There are a few advantages: warm air circulation (standing) vs hot air blast (handheld); indirect heat vs direct heat; and hands-free vs not hands-free. Second, can you afford it? The answer depends on your budget and needs. For sure, you can have the flexibility in movement and styling with a professional standing hair dryer.

Plus, expect a salon-grade look when you get under the hood. While waiting for the treatment or style to set in, your hands are free to do other things. You can browse a magazine, read a book, or even update your friends on social media about your DIY hair project. Just keep in mind that you have to follow precise instructions regarding such projects. Be conscious of the heat and temp settings, and use the built-in timer to monitor the treatment. With a standing hair dryer, you won't have to make the trip to the salon all the time. This definitely saves you money, energy, and time. Check out this review if you are looking for the best professional hair dryer.