15 of the Best Travel Blow Dryers for the World Wanderer

Don't let bad hair days get in the way of your globe-trotting with our blow dryer shopping tips and product recommendations.

Bye, Bye, Bad Hair Days

It's not like we female travelers can just leave the prospect of having a bad hair day at home. And if you're like us, we want to match our 'do with all the Instagrammable sights (street art, anyone?) we will be exploring. In times like this, the blow dryer is our BFF. Bringing one in every trip has become second nature. It has saved us over and over in the winter, during which thick manes can stay damp forever. And because we've been doing this for a while, we've got some hair maintenance hacks to share with our soul sisters.

When you're gallivanting, a compact travel hair dryer always comes in handy. If it's foldable, even better. That extra space it will yield? It will be good for squeezing in another pair of shoes. It would be sweeter if you can find a unit with the dual voltage feature. We found ours suitable in whatever country that requires anything between 120V and 240V. And of course, it's totally cool to buy something you can afford. Though we hope you ignore the subpar ones. Actually, we made you a list of the best models, including the Conair dryer we swear by.

This darling comes in purple or red, and we love both options! It looks shiny, which is what your hair will be after a quick session with this one. Forget about spending 30 minutes on your hair alone. With plenty of heat and air volume, it will give you an amazing mane without having to finish styling with a smoother. No static or flyaway. Besides, who needs to bring a full set of tools in a vacation? It's all-in with the Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer. And it's so light and easy to grip. It is also suitcase-friendly. But even if it's small, it packs a punch. This 1876-watt power machine can tame your frizz, so you can have a picture-perfect look for the holiday.

You can do a lot with this pretty little thing. The three heat settings give you a third cool air option. The two speed choices allow you to manage your strands with care. The lower speed even boasts an energy saving function, thanks to this newer version's eco setting. Still, a reliable travel companion like the Remington D5000 is not perfect. That is, its plug works well in the US but requires an adapter in the EU. Though if you ask us, it's a non-issue. That it is compact also makes up for its non-retractable body. Even with the cable wrapped up, this chrome dryer does not take up much space. No packing problems to deal with right there. And it sells for a low price but does not feel cheap at all.

There is a lot to love about this beauty. Mainly, we know its maker had the female traveler in mind. (Shout out to Berta!) First, this blow dryer works its magic by cutting your styling time in half. Its formula: high heat combined with low speed. Those who have long hair won't have to worry about their hair getting blown all over the place. Some models are too powerful to avoid that, but this babe has it down pat. And for ladies on the go, that latter statement is music to our ears. The cool-shot button is also a nice touch. It is perfect for keeping your 'do in place. This is a no-fuss tool for the vacationer who prefers things that are low-key.

Second, though not technically a travel blowdryer, Berta's creation here is a gift to jet-setters everywhere. It does not discriminate, outlet-wise. You cannot go wrong with that dual voltage feature. And there is that folding mechanism, too. It may not be tiny, but this unit is small enough to be stuffed into your luggage, travel organizer, or backpack. For the big finish, it leaves you with a sleek crown that says you are ready to hit the town. It's mostly the masterpiece of the ionic output, which fights frizz and yields a natural shine. With more focus and more intensity, this affordable buddy delivers its promise and does not disappoint. It is bound to be a classic for doing a travel #hotd -- hairstyle of the day (you read it first here).

When it comes to this drugstore dryer, we don't mind jumping on the bandwagon. Many -- as in many -- women swear by this sweetheart. We read all the reviews and decided to get this as a replacement (for the old ones we had thrown away). So far, so good. Turning up the heat is speedy. By 10 minutes, you will be out and about with great hair, to boot. Oh, and you will be donning that look without sniffing odd smells. This accelerated vanity process is a big check on our list. We chose Conair primarily because it offers exactly that. We're practical travelers who don't want to waste so much time on our mane. Yet we won't be caught looking like we just got electrocuted.

When it comes to this drugstore dryer, we don't mind jumping on the bandwagon. Many -- as in many -- women swear by this sweetheart. We read all the reviews and decided to get this as a replacement (for the old ones we had thrown away). So far, so good. Turning up the heat is speedy. By 10 minutes, you will be out and about with great hair, to boot. Oh, and you will be donning that look without sniffing odd smells. This accelerated vanity process is a big check on our list. We chose Conair primarily because it offers exactly that. We're practical travelers who don't want to waste so much time on our mane. Yet we won't be caught looking like we just got electrocuted.

Even top global hotels bet their money on Fold-N-Go. We think it is this product's combination of practicality and convenience that wows their guests all the time. An ionic dryer with a ceramic core, it produces results in as little as five minutes. If you want to control frizz in a snap, especially when traveling in a cold place, this is your thing. Also, maker Andis crafted this sleek machine with consideration for our partners. Imagine how your boyfriend, fianc??, or husband would react if you threw a bulky but powerful travel hair dryer in your suitcase. But this model with a retractable cord might change his mind. No unsightly cable and hunky dryer dangling by the mirror for him to deal with.

Choose from low, medium, and high to enable the Andis 1875 to quickly absorb the water molecules from your strands. Then use the cool-shot button to set your hair. This travel buddy works like a charm. It leaves your hair moisturized -- smoother, silkier, and shinier than ever. All of these is packed in one travel dryer, diffuser not needed. It is a performing tool that lets you stay on top of your game even amidst R&R. Another pro? It blows quietly even at a high setting. And, you get all this rewarding use for a reasonable price. No wonder it is the preferred model of the likes of Marriott Hotel and Hyatt Regency. Andis may not be as recognizable as other brands, but its decades of doing business can be trusted.

One word comes to mind when we see this tiny machine: cute. Lightweight and compact, it can be a contender for the world's smallest travel hair dryer. Yet, more than winning any awards, it is best known for ergonomic reasons. For users with arthritic hands, it is fairly easy to grip. It is also just as easy to store in your luggage or the bathroom. This is designed for folks who are allergic to clutter. You might be thinking, with its size, can it still dry your hair fast? Of course, 6th Sense Styling Technology says you can achieve 1000-1200 watts with its product. That is plenty of power in a nifty package. It also has a handy printed pouch that looks cool, perfect for people on the go.

The dual voltage feature is a boost on the convenience factor. Just flip the switch and attach the correct adapter. Voila! You can get the 6th Sense Styling Technology dryer up and running. In some cases, the outlet has slots for the third flat-top pin and the two rounded tips. So just flip the switch, and you're good to go. Providing good value for the money, this can be an ideal gift for the women in your life. It is durable and has a nice design that they will love. If you feel like splurging, buy one for your travels and one for your home stays. It won't be splurging at all, if you ask us, because of the great deals you can find online.

There is always a room for another Revlon option on our list. And this ionic unit is just what our vanity kits need. In full pretty-in-pink exterior, this dryer is designed to dazzle from nose to barrel to handle, which can be folded. Its looks do not distract you from its true purpose, though. With two air and speed settings, this babe is strong enough to dry your hair in minutes. Even those who are used to 'air-drying' their crowns after showering or working out may find something here. Winter is a particularly hard season for relying on that method. A little help from a trusty hair dryer can make a difference. It is lightweight, and a breeze to pack and unpack.

Drying is not the only specialty of this Revlon creation. The two air and speed settings give flexibility to those who are after style. The cool-shot button releases cool air to set those strands in place. Yet, the airflow concentrator attachment is what really appeals to our inner Jackie O. It lends precise styling for manes -- thick or thin, long or short, curly or straight. This completes your arsenal when you are traveling, fashion blogger style. Who needs a full-sized one if you can pack excellent functionality in this dandy product? Plus, it comes from one of the most recognizable brands worldwide! It is rather fitting that it sports a dual voltage feature, which removes the hassle from dealing with different voltage requirements.

Searching online for a functional hair dryer does not have to take a month. The Conair MiniPRO is always available for your very specific needs. Its slip-proof handle is friendly toward those who have arthritic fingers. It also gives those suffering from fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome an easy time. Styling does not have to be stressful with the MiniPRO. Also, it does not damage your hair with all that heat. Its 1200 watts is powerful enough, but not too much it breaks the strands. If you have fine hair, you may notice a lessening of hair loss episodes while washing and combing. You can also use this travel hairdryer with a diffuser or without.

It is durable and reliable, be it used every day or when traveling. Make a one-time investment that is sure to last for years. It is worth every penny. You have access to all of its awesome features. For pinpoint styling, try its concentrator. Enjoy its ceramic make, which yields soft yet substantial heat. And its dual voltage feature is a must-have when you are flying across the globe. The only downside (in our opinion) that this Conair blow dryer has? It is not that quiet when you blast it to high. Though it is still not as loud as full-sized ones tend to be. And if you have curious tykes, rest assured that it is pretty safe for children's use.

Virtually maintenance-free, the Revlon Perfect Heat focuses on giving you a great hair day. It dries hair pretty quickly. And its high heat has a good low hum. This machine is small and elegant, but it works like a beast. At 1875 watts, it does pack a punch. It comes with a concentrator for styling that is on-fleek. With this in tow on your next vacation, you can have an Instagrammable up-do for a day at the beach or the museum. Don't worry about luggage space because this has a folding handle for easy storage. Look at that champagne finish! This darling might look classier than the dryer your Airbnb's got. The dual voltage feature lets you use it anywhere in the world.

Expect nothing second-rate from Revlon. This product is also fit for daily use. It shaves off about 1/3 of your drying time. Hit the cool shot button when you need to lock that style in. It is gentle on most manes, thanks to its ceramic and ionic technology. Just take note that it can be too strong for those who have thin hair. Prolonged use may also cause the handle to feel hot. With proper handling and care, this babe will stay with you for a long time. The long cord is a smart addition as some ladies want to multitask or be in a certain spot while doing hair and makeup. Getting such a high-quality unit for a low price is a steal. So don't wait until the deal is off.

We all have experienced panic when our gadgets' plugs are not appropriate for European wiring. The Conair Vagabond does away with that panic. With just a flip of a switch, you can use this little thing in Madrid or in Paris or in London. The beauty of having it is that it is also subject to the maximum 1600 watts required outside of the United States. Expect excellent performance and safety from this tool, which also makes the North American Electrical Standards. Of course, it delivers what it has set out to do: dry your hair fast and help you style it. And it's easy to stuff in the suitcase, you.ll go traveling with this buddy in no time.

The Conair Vagabond is compact, lightweight, and portable. By the way, its handle is folding, too. What a space saver! Fall in love with this blue gem because of its practical features. It sports a raised switch, which is located on the back handle for easy control. This works for women who like styling with brush on one hand and blow dryer on the other. This is also heavy-duty for a machine that is lightweight. It is durable enough to withstand daily use. All of these are yours at a very affordable cost. You might have found your best travel companion during those two weeks you will be spending in Europe. Be the cosmopolitan girl you really are with a crown dried and styled with Conair.

BaByliss PRO is the baby of the lot. And when we say it works like a charm, it is true in the sense that it does have charms. It emits millions of natural ions that eliminate static electricity. This is made possible by the infusion of pure gemstone tourmaline crystals. It also boasts a far-infrared heat technology that dries hair more quickly. Add these features to its compact size, and you have a winner. It has been hailed by users worldwide as an amazing little dryer. For a tiny model, it is powerful and quiet, and does job really well. No frizz. No damage, too. Owning this is a testament of how much care we would give our crowns.

No wonder many girls swear by the BaByliss PRO. It handles hair that is fragile well. It does not fry strands like some full-sized hair dryers would. It is a product that pays for itself. Plus, globetrotters will feel blessed with its ability to perform internationally; this thing has the most fantastic dual voltage feature. And you can easily place this in your carry-on during flights. Just fold the handle, and you have a unit that is as dandy as a clutch. No more worrying over the stuff breaking in your bag (no thanks to the way airline personnel drop bags!). Sure, you want to invest your hard-earned money in something durable. So we'll just say it here: BaByliss PRO is worth the buy.

The last thing you'd want is for a bulky hair dryer to get in the way between you and your travels. And then there is that long list of details to check for. Do you need a converter? Do you need to prepare for burns or hair damage or bad hair days? Because will your machine ever work in Spain? Erase those worries by bringing a reliable travel hair dryer (with a diffuser attachment if you want to be sure). With the Conair 1875, you get all the essentials for a sweet deal. This unit showcases a dual voltage feature, a folding handle, and 1875 watts of power. Most importantly, it is equipped with the latest technology to dry your hair faster than ever.

The Conair 1875 compact blow dryer emits negative ions that counteract positive ions, which in turn damage the strands. It also lets you set your hairstyle with its cool shot function. Sporting a cord that is six-foot long, this model gives you much control while fixing your mane in front of the mirror. It is super light your arm will not get tired while working on your long, thick hair. It works worldwide, with any kind of outlet. And speaking of worldwide, it is perfect for storing in your carry-on suitcase, thanks to its fold-down capacity. Conair also tossed into the 1875 model a removable lint screen, which is a rare find. Choose between black or grey to match your style.

This Wazor hair dryer defines travel size. It is just a little larger than your hand, open and stretched out. How about that? Imagine if you were from Lilliput and you had a dryer this size. But do not be fooled by its cute exterior. Be prepared to be blown away by its power, pegged at 1000 watts. This makes it an ideal tool not only in trips but also at the gym, in the office (for when you cannot dry your hair at home), and for the little one. The DC motor provides a low-noise signature. Simple and practical, it gives you low and high options, alongside a cool-shot button. This makes for easy drying and styling. It cuts down your prep time by a half.

This works like a dream. Get hooked with this Wazor babe. It is as small as a toy but performs like a bad boy. It gets hot enough, but not too much it damages your strands. This is perfect for ladies sporting thin, fine manes. We recommend its cool-shot button for setting your hair in place. You can buy this amazing machine for a low cost. It comes in blue and purple options. One thing we would like to see improved, though, is the nozzle for the concentrator. It does not have a lock-in system, so it sometimes gets detached, which can be a distraction. But it is a minor drawback for us. We would still rate this 4 stars!

This professional mini travel dryer by MHD is powered by a DC motor, so it is lightweight and compact. It also registers a low noise -- nothing bothersome. At 1000 watts, it blows enough hot air to dry your hair fast. The ceramic technology enables it to produce a gentle effect on the hair and scalp. The negative ions get rid of hair-damaging positive ions. The cool-shot function allows you to enhance styling. A concentrator to give you more control is also included in the package. You have the flexibility to manage your hair using such a small tool. The 1.8-meter-long cord surely prevents your movements from being limited. Throw in a removable lint filter, and you get an easy-to-clean power machine.

This pink and petite model from MHD is a must-have styling accessory. It is not as hot as a 1875-watt, normal-sized dryer, but it gets the job done. It is not as loud, too, which is a good thing. Cheap and reliable, it is a perfect travel companion for women, especially young girls. It can fit easily into your luggage. It is almost weightless, even bringing it to a hike works! Moms will not have a problem using this on their baby girls. Its low price makes it an attractive gift pick for your girl friends and their little kiddos, too. We would definitely look into those discounts and promos when the next gift-giving season comes. We can already imagine the oohs and aahs that will be showered on this babe.

The more powerful Conair Vagabond model, this dries your hair at 1875 watts. For more flexibility, you can switch between the low and high settings. You can then blow cool air with just one push of a button, to set. With a speedy unit like this, it will be hard for your hair to acquire any damage. Say what? Too much heat and prolonged exposure can singe and break strands. The combination can sometimes leave the hair static. This is why the industry hails winners those who have figured out how to prevent this episode, effectively leaving the hair shinier and smoother than ever. This Conair Vagabond has it down pat. Its super-powerful engine is enough to blow us all away. It is easily a favorite among solo female backpackers.

Further, it is also a super affordable option. We found it to be among the lightweights out there, at one pound. Practically, it sports a long cord for no-fuss styling. Its low hum is music to our ears. Though it is low-key, it does deliver on its promise. It is perfect even for daily use. Durable is embedded in this Conair creation. And true to its name, Vagabond, it is a versatile dryer for international travel. Its folding handle makes packing a breeze. It supports both 125V and 250V. You just have to flick the switch with a coin or something and make sure the white arrow points to the correct voltage. Its teal shell is also something to love. You can buy it in packs via online stores like Amazon.

Search no longer for a travel hairdryer with a diffuser. From our list: introducing the Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W. From a known brand, this blow dryer is a good fit for outbound users. It hits the right notes at once, getting hot and drying your hair more quickly. This also shaves drying time by about half. It is perfect for those who have long, thick locks. We love how speedy it is. The results are also fantastic: reduced static and frizz, shinier hair. Amazingly, it works like a full-sized unit but does not weigh as much. It is compact you can toss it into a bag full of clothes, and you are good to go.

True to its name, the Revlon Perfect Heat offers exactly that. Its triple-baked ceramic allows gentle blowing on the hair, evenly distributing heat. By using the diffuser, you can also style curls and keep them in place longer. This is particularly useful for overseas trips where you have to attend a gala event or go out on a fancy date. This buddy is a dependable dryer through and through. By using the concentrator, you get precise styling without going through so much hassle. Factor in the price, and you get one of the best deals in blow dryer sale history. In five to 10 minutes, you will be ready to walk out the door with this cool machine.


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